You may have heard some buzz around Sage 100cloud, but what exactly is it and how is it different from Sage 100? The short answer: it’s a more-robust version of Sage 100 that offers extended features and enhanced cloud connectivity (it’s also cheaper year-over-year).

So is this new product something you should be looking at as a current Sage 100 client?


Recently, Sage commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying Sage 100cloud. Through increased visibility and business alignment, reporting automation, de-conditioning legacy systems, and mobility-driven productivity improvements, Sage 100cloud customers can expect to see an ROI after 6 months and an increase of 176% after just 3 years.


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4 quantified Benefits of Sage 100cloud found by forrester

  1. Better visibility and business alignment
    • 15% reduction in inventory holding costs
    • 4% to 6% increase in productivity for inventory-related resources
  2. Reporting Automation
    • Reduction in reporting effort by two-thirds
    • 15% to 25% increase in efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, reducing spreadsheet chaos, and consolidating data across multiple locations
  3. Decommissioning Legacy Systems
    • Savings of $4,000 per month by decommissioning 70% of legacy systems
    • IT resources freed to work on other high value tasks
  4. Mobility
    • Mobile access to sales information via Sage Contact saves each salesperson 30 minutes a day, representing an average savings of $116,000 over 3 years


So, what does it all mean?

Cloud Connectivity

It’s important to note that Sage 100cloud, contrary to the name, is not a cloud-based platform; meaning, it still runs on your on-premise server. However, Sage 100cloud does have a better integration with cloud connected applications and programs such as Office 365 and various warehouse and inventory management software. Meaning, that if you utilize any of these in your business, Sage 100cloud is definitely something you should look into to seamlessly integrate all your operations. Sage 100cloud smooths out processes such as bank reconciliations by connecting directly into your bank feeds through this cloud connectivity.

Go Mobile

Sage Contacts uses Office 365 connectivity to allow any users to look up customer information and contacts directly from Outlook 365. With this capability, users with the appropriate permissions can look up payment and invoice histories, review recent customer communications, and create notes to share with other Sage Contacts users.

Sage 100cloud also features the Scanco Mobile Sales solution which allows your sales professionals to go from quotes to invoices on the go, whether they’re in or outside of the office. This speeds up your sales process while ensuring that no sale slips through the cracks! 

More to Love

Sage 100cloud still comes with the Custom Office module so you can customize essentially any data entry field within the system. Unlike Sage 100 however, Sage 100cloud allows you to go even further by customizing fonts, colors, and backgrounds to make the system look more unique to your business.   

Your Sage 100cloud subscription also includes multi-bin functionality, five Scanco Mobile Sales licenses, one Sage CRM user license, the Sage Budgeting and Planning module, and one Sage Business Intelligence user license. Essentially, you get a taste of the complete robust package that Sage ERP has to offer without having to financially commit multiple users to each module.

All at A Lower Price

We know, it sounds too good to be true, but because Sage is currently offering a $0 migration incentive, any current Sage 100 client that migrates to Sage 100cloud by October 1, 2020 will have their migration charges waived and anything you’ve paid towards your current year of Sage 100 applied to your 100cloud subscription--making the move to Sage 100cloud more affordable than ever before. Aside from adding all of the features mentioned above, your system itself remains the same so there is no additional training that your team has to undergo and there are no additional labor costs in migrating. 

Not only that, but if you migrate before October 1st, Sage guarantees a maximum year-over-year price increase of 10% (although we’ve seen an average of 8% for our current Sage 100cloud clients). This is well-below what the average year-over-year increases have been for Sage 100 renewals. 


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Kayla Harter

Written by Kayla Harter