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Tuesday | September 15th | 9:30 AM 

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What is Sage 100cloud and how is it different from Sage 100 ERP-1
Sage 100cloud is a more-robust version of Sage 100 that offers extended features and enhanced cloud connectivity (it’s also cheaper year-over-year).

If you're still running your business on the legacy version of Sage 100 ERP then it's certainly time to do some re-evaluating.


Plus, we're hosting a 30-minute coffee chat with a FREE $5 Starbucks gift card for every attendee.

 During this informal hang we'll be answering some commonly asked questions, like:

  • Is Sage 100cloud still hosted on my server?
  • What is different in the software/what learning curve will there be for my employees?
  • How do I benefit from the subscription pricing model?
  • How do payment's work?
  • How long are we locked in for on 100cloud?
  • What do I get with 100cloud that I don't get with 100?

Not only that, but if you migrate before October 1st, Sage guarantees a maximum year-over-year price increase of 10% (although we’ve seen an average of 8% for our current Sage 100cloud clients). This is well-below what the average year-over-year increases have been for Sage 100 renewals. 

Sage 100cloud Forrester Report


Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Sage 100cloud

Based on in-depth interviews with Sage 100cloud customers, discover how Sage 100cloud can potentially deliver a three-year ROI of 176% with a payback point of less than 6 months.
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Sage 100cloud ERP

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✅ Automate reporting

And improve mobility
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