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She just may be one of the sweetest people you ever have the pleasure of meeting, Lina has been a vital piece in keeping the gears running smoothly here at Klear.

Q: Where were you prior to Klear Systems and what/who made you join our team?

A: It all started with a phone call 5 years ago. I got a call from our wonderful Marketing Manager that shared the great news about my opportunity with Klear Systems. I was at a credit card processing company in Rancho Santa Margarita for almost 10 years prior to Klear. The company was relocating out of state and I wasn’t looking to move at the time. I remember looking for job opportunities on LinkedIn and seeing Klear’s post. It was the first and only company I actually applied to. A week later I got a call from our company’s sweetheart (Ashley) to come in for an interview. It was definitely a crazy time for me because I was traveling back & forth from Texas for 2 months straight for my previous employer. The moment I got that call from Klear, I told my previous boss that I was going to cut that last trip short. I didn’t want to miss my chance with KSI. After my interview with Ashley and Frank I went home and prayed for the position. Another week later, I got my phone call offer and have been blessed to be apart of the KSI family ever since!


Q: What did Klear Systems do for your orientation day?! Getting treated to lunch at "Edna's" (iykyk) is a fond memory of mine!

A: I actually had 2 orientation days. I got treated to lunch on 2 different days which makes me feel kinda special haha There was only 2 people in the office on my first day, Ashley and Sam. They asked me what my favorite food was and I said Hawaiian, so we ate at this place in Laguna Niguel for lunch and it was delicious! And a day or 2 later I had another orientation lunch with the rest of the crew that work in the office. I can’t remember where we ate. I think it was Edna’s but I could be wrong. I got to know everyone a little more and was generously welcomed both times by everyone. You don’t find many companies that have that type of engaging quality like KSI. Everyone’s commitment and loyalty is not only inspiring but in a way is also contagious; and that’s not a bad thing.


Q: What does your position/title entail and what do you enjoy most about it?

A: I’m the Office Administrator. Aside from handling all of the finances, my job also consists of taking care of the office and our team. I also team up with our Marketing Manager Ashley to form the Beacons of Happiness, a, dare I say, cooler version of The Party Planning Committee from The Office. We plan office parties, send out goodies for birthdays & "Workiversaries". We try to plan a little treat for the team if a holiday coincides with a day when people are in the office  (National Margarita Day, Valentines Day, St Patricks day, we've done Halloween lunches, etc) - this really boosts office moral and gives us a chance to let loose and have fun! I love helping in general so the part about taking care of our team is fun for me. I love sending out birthday and work anniversary gifts; but I also like organizing our office too (as odd as it may sound).


Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of being remote/hybrid in your position?

A: I’d definitely have to say Fridays are more challenging for me with ending my work day at 5pm. I mean even when I’m in the office I have a tendency to work past 5 without realizing it. I have a hard time leaving work that needs to be done for the next business day and turning off work mode I guess. I like to finish everything the same day because I know I’m getting another list of things or emails to work on the next day. That’s me and my commitment haha ;)


Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

A: Yes, I do want to give a shout out to both partners- Frank and Sam. They are hands down the best bosses I have ever had. Without them KSI would not be here. Both of them have given everyone here this amazing opportunity and I am very grateful and thankful for it. 


Q: QUICK, BEFORE WE GO - what is your favorite cold open from The Office (this can also be top 3 because it's impossible to name just one, I know)?!

A: Definitely Dwight sitting on the exercise ball at his desk….hahaha. Let's just supernerd Dwight thinks it's smart to sit on an inflatable exercise ball while working his desk job and Jim, office prankster and Dwight's nemesis, has different ideas with a pair of scissors...😂


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Ami Bang

Written by Ami Bang