SAGE 100 2024 has officially hit the markets as of April 2024!!! 🎉🎉 With over 20 new customer-requested features and partner-based enhancements, we have MUCH to be excited about.

Keep scrolling to unpack some of the coolest features with us!!

first and foremost:

Some MAJOR recent changes: as of April 22, Sage 100cloud, the cloud-connected subscription version of the ERP,  has been revamped and renamed to ✨ Sage 100 ✨ to mark the beginning of a complete reorganization and restructure of the Sage 100 plan. Any mentions of “100cloud” or “100c” will be completely removed, replaced only with “Sage 100” or “Sage 100 SPC”. This change should not cause any disruption to service, the only noticeable difference for end users will be the name change upon the point of plan renewal, which should take effect after the license change.

  • Sage 100 Standard = Sage 100 Standard Install
  • Sage 100 Advanced = Sage 100 Advanced PVX Install
  • Sage 100 Premium = Sage 100 Premium SQL Install

- “SPC” is short for Sage Partner Cloud, a Sage program that allows on-premise ERP users to migrate their system to a hosted environment with a certified provider -



First, we must highlight the ✨Resource Center✨, accessible through "Site Help". The R.C. contains a plethora of popular tools like the Sage Community HubKnowledgebaseSage University, Product Documentation, and MORE.

Of course, it wouldn't be a product update to an accounting software without some enhancements to A/P, A/R, and Inventory management. Changes for these modules include  Delete and Change Utilities, such as:

  • Direct access and immediate updates to data entry even when the main entity task is in use
  • Display of vendor name, customer name, or item description for starting and ending codes in each utility
  • New security options in Role Maintenance to refine user access to delete or change processes

One more thoughtful upgrade to highlight is the new utilities available in the Results of Electronic Delivery window - you'll see that Sage has added "Paperless Office" (whoop-whoop, going even greener!! 🌱) and within that section, a shiny new "Detail Button" which provides insight on documents sent to customers and vendors, including the date and time the document was submitted and the status of success.




Automatic Display of Full Extended Item Description:

In Role Maintenance, the Inventory Management security option, Allow Automatic Display of Full Extended Item Description When Not in a Grid, has been renamed to ✨ Allow Automatic Display of Full Extended Item Description ✨.

Along with the rename, you can now:

  • suppress the auto display of the extended item description in Item Maintenance while also suppressing it in data entry tasks when the item description is in the primary grid and an item is entered on a new line in the grid or when tabbing past the item on an existing line.

This idea was a suggestion from 90 Minds, Inc., and it received multiple votes on the Sage 100 ideas site.


Audit tracking and reporting:

Tax season is already a difficult beast to tackle, but thankfully Sage has successfully increased security compliance by expanding audit trail data for vendors, customers, employees, AND items. This provides improved security compliance in the A/P, A/R, Payroll, and Inventory Management modules with the following enhancements:

  • Purge button✨
    • provides access to the new Purge Audit Report utility
    • tracks employee pay rate changes in the Pay Rate Change of the Payroll module
  • Audit Viewer✨ 
    • has been added in the drop-menus of Vendor Maintenance, Customer Maintenance, Employee Maintenance, and Item Maintenance



Inventory Management:

If you've been dealing with a prolonged headache from the antiquated tools and manual processes to manage your inventory, fear not! Two brand new tasks boasting uniformity and workflow efficiency have been added to the Inventory Management Utilities menu based off common customer feedback:

  • ✨ Delete Warehousesallows you to delete existing warehouse codes from your company data files - declutters your files from unnecessary virtual warehouses (for scrap, returns, and multi-bins) or warehouse location closures.
  • ✨ Change Warehouses ✨ – provides functionality to renumber or merge existing warehouse codes in your company data files.




Sage 100 2024 makes it easier and smoother to lock down those sales and POs by simplifying workflow procedures such as:

  • Sage 100 Purchase Order Module:
    • Quick Close ✨ simplifies closure of partially received POs during receipt of goods entry
    • "Received" ✨ status for orders received, but not invoiced, simplifying how these orders were previously displayed as "Back Order"
  • Sage 100 Sales Order module:
    • Save time and improve workflow efficiency with the ✨Reset Sales Order✨, which automates print flag resets for backorders during sales journal updates
    • Display Ordered Quantity in Red ✨option enhances visibility and notifies you when sales order quantities surpass inventory thresholds




  • Activity Code Maintenance ✨:
    • Improves user efficiency and navigation within the Production Management module by offering a more streamlined and focused lookup experience
  • Cost Roll-up Register ✨:
    • Enables more accurate cost calculations in Production Management, providing users with greater flexibility and control over cost analysis and management.
    • ✨Include Materials From✨ option has been added in Cost Roll-Up Register, enabling you to determine if materials from the bill, work ticket template, or both bill and template are included when calculating the cost of the bill





Though we've only covered the newest and coolest additions to Sage 100, there are many many more features to explore and familiarize your business with. If you have any further questions, need help with an upgrade, or cannot decided between Sage 100 or Acumatica Cloud ERP for your organization, contact us today and we will guide you every step of the way!

Cheers to profits and business growth!!! 🎉


Ami Bang

Written by Ami Bang