ERP for Distribution

ERP For Distribution Management

Gain End-to-End Distribution Control with an ERP System 


Successful distribution companies rely on ERP software to efficiently manage their inventory, orders, warehouses, logistics, and supply chains. An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides the real-time visibility, process automation, and analytics you need to optimize distribution operations.

Industry Expertise

With deep industry experience in distribution verticals like food/beverage, industrial, consumer goods, etc., Klear Systems provides tailored functionality to meet the specialized needs of your distribution business.

Key ERP Benefits for Distributors:

  • Accurate Inventory Management

    • Perpetual inventory counts and tracking across multiple locations
    • Demand forecasting to optimize stock levels
    • Cycle counting and quality control
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment

    • B2B eCommerce and EDI integration
    • Available to Promise (ATP) inventory checks
    • Automated pick/pack/ship processes
    • Drop shipping and third-party logistics
  • Warehouse Organization and Space Utilization

    • Directed putaway and picking logic
    • Barcode scanning and mobile RF capabilities
    • Cross-docking and wave planning
    • Slotting and bin/location management
  • Centralized Supply Chain Visibility

    • Integrated supplier/vendor collaboration
    • Landed cost tracking down to the product level
    • Shipment tracking and proof of delivery
    • Supply chain analytics and reporting

Streamlined Distribution Processes

An ERP eliminates disconnected systems, manual processes, and lack of visibility that lead to:

  • Excess inventory and carrying costs
  • Picking/shipping errors and delays
  • Missed delivery windows
  • Failure to meet customer expectations

Take your distribution business to new levels of efficiency, control, and customer satisfaction with a modern ERP platform.



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