The year is 2024 and podcasts are all the rage. Well, podcasts and maybe even the *gasp* re-emergence of cable TV (because honestly, how many streaming apps must we download before we put our foot down?!). But I digress - if you're working from home or flowing with the hybrid structure like our Klear Contributors, you may have exhausted all of your binge-worthy shows and are ready for something new. Fear not - we've compiled a list of MUST-LISTEN to podcasts for the ERP industry to keep you inspired, entertained, and up-to-date on the latest and greatest in our industry. Get cozy! ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ๐ŸŽงโ˜•


A question posed on Quora regarding the popularity of podcasts led Forbes to research why podcasts have become so popular over the recent years.

According to Forbes, podcasts have widely gained momentum because of their ability to conveniently fit into our schedules. Whether you have 15 minutes or more than an hour you'll find a podcast in virtually any topic you might be interested in.

Not only are they informative and entertaining, podcasts also allow listeners to delve deeper into new subjects at their own pace. The likelihood of reading a 20k word article is far less than that same article being ingested via audio while commuting to work or even taking a stroll (gotta undo the tech-neck!). Forbes also credits the personal aspect of podcasts, stating that they help create communities by connecting like-minded individuals with common interests.

In fact, one of the first podcasts on our list, The Accounting Podcast, states that roughly 20% of Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis and 40 - 50% have listened to a podcast at some point.

The Accounting Podcast

Formerly The Cloud Accounting Podcast, first emerged in January 2022. The Accounting Podcast, led by hosts Blake Oliver and David Leary, claims to be the world's #1 accounting, bookkeeping, and tax podcast! Plus, you can even earn free NASBA-approved CPE credits by listening.


Blake Oliver is an entrepreneur, accountant, writer, and speaker who specializes in cloud accounting technology. In 2012, Blake founded CloudSourced Accounting, an online bookkeeping service with a mission to disrupt the business models of traditional CPA firms and freelance bookkeepers. The firm was an early adopter of cloud accounting apps, which enabled Blake's staff and clients to collaborate 100% remotely.

David Leary is an innovative and influential force in the small business accounting world. With over 22 years of QuickBooks experience, David has provided many small businesses, accountants, and developers with technical tools, deep industry knowledge, strategy, and solutions, His business sense, vast technical knowledge, and domain expertise have helped bridge the gap between developers, small business owners, and accountants. His unique style and impressive network has influenced and helped shape the new generation of accounting professionals.


Enterprise Software Podcast

What makes the Enterprise Software Podcast so unique? Well, what originally started as hosts Bob McAdam and Todd McDaniel sharing their current analysis of events in the Microsoft Dynamics space has now grown to coverage of several other organizations in the ecosystem including, but not limited to: Sage, Acumatica, Intuit, and Salesforce. They're the only independent podcast that is specifically focused on mid-market ERP software. Plus they'll be celebrating 10 YEARS this month (May 2024) ๐ŸŽ‰


Bob McAdam is VP/GM at a fast-growing professional association that caters to end users & partners in the Microsoft Dynamics space. He began his Dynamics GP career in 1998 as a software consultant for ePartners (now known as DXC Technology).

Todd McDaniel is a partner at Dynavistics, a Microsoft partner and software development company. He has a successful record of applying new and existing technology solutions to enterprise-wide operations and a broad range of computer and accounting experience, inclusive of hardware and software implementation, help desk management, software and database development, systems consulting, technology planning, tax preparation and planning, and general and cost accounting.

Darcy Boerio has held various roles over the past 20 years. Among her many achievements and partnerships, Darcy was recognized as an MVP for Acumatica in 2022, held multiple titles with Sage, a VAR (value-added reseller) at Alliance Solutions Group (named Sage North America's Partner of the Year twice during her tenure), and two leading ISVs (independent software vendors) for multiple ERPs (Avalara & Website Pipeline). She enjoys sharing best practices from the hundreds of partners she's worked with over the years to help partners connect with and create great ERP experiences for their clients. Darcy also sits on the Board of Directors for acu-connect and the Information Technology Alliance.


The ISV Society Podcast

Are you an independent software vendor in search of inspiring, educational ISV podcasts with a relatable feel and benefits of community?Amiee Keenan has come to your rescue with her creation of The ISV Society, an affordable membership-based community where collaboration, education, and lead generation flows with Amiee guiding you with all of the content.


Amiee has been working with ISVs for over 20 years, dabbling in all things marketing, partner engagement, website and blog content, building a channel, and so much more. She's worked for ISVs in a variety of industries including but not limited to: manufacturing and distribution, cloud hosting and sales tax, as well as procurement, and pricing.
More recently our very own Marketing and Brand Manager, Ashley Spence, interviewed with Amiee - check out her full episode for a fresh perspective on ISV audience reach and growth (and more!).


WBSRocks Podcast

WBSRocks is the #1 podcast for independent, vendor-agnostic ERP, supply chain, digital transformation, and Industry 4.0 advice. It features in-depth conversations with Sam Gupta on ERP, digital transformation, supply chain, eCommerce, enterprise software, and industry 4.0. The purpose of the show is to help CFOs, COOs, CEOs, and business owners with their daily commercial, operational, or financial challenges by diving into business cases and processes, technology strategy and architecture, transformation initiatives, and business models.

We are honored to feature any podcast that Sam hosts. He has been an ERP thought leader in the digital transformation space for nearly two decades, with a primary focus on business systems, enterprise architecture, and ERP. Involved with over 200 digital transformation and ERP implementation and selection projects and through his unique approach, Sam has recovered more than 50 ERP projects successfully with a net savings of over $100 million.

When he's not hosting WBSRocks, Sam regularly speaks at industry conferences and contributes his experiences through popular blogs, publications, and YouTube reviews on enterprise software solutions and vendors on his channel ElevatIQ.


The Junction Podcast - Real Talk on AI & Automation

The Junction explores the intersection of people, process, and technology for SMBs and nonprofits. Co-hosts, Melissa (aka Mel) Bell and Chase Friedman, unpack trending topics on automation and artificial intelligence to help business leaders learn how these new technologies can be applied now and in the future for growth at scale.


Mel Bell is the director of Sales and Marketing at Venn Technology as she co-hosts The Junction. She's got a whopping 12+ years of experience in B2B SaaS portfolio, product, non-profit/local government marketing, and change management communications. Let's just say,  her two-cents will be your worthwhile.
Chase Friedman is the Managing Director at Venn Technology and is the other half of this dynamic duo. He's obsessed with all things AI/Automation and brings plenty of thought-provoking perspectives and advice to the table.

An episode that perked our ears up was their episode titled "Where SMBs Should Start Their AI Journey" (you can find it on Spotify here). In this episode, Mel and Chase share how small and medium-sized businesses can begin building their automation strategy with additional assistance from AI tools and dives into topics like:

  • perfecting processes prior to embarking on an AI/Automation journey to identify progress inhibitors and maximize growth
  • Using automation to boost visibility and streamline workflows

and so much more!!


Sage Thought Leadership Podcast

The Sage Thought Leadership Podcast is dedicated to the possibility that entrepreneurs continue the work of creation. The podcast celebrates entrepreneurs by allowing them to tell their stories and share their knowledge with others. In doing so, the success of businesses around the world is energized through the imagination of people and the power of technology.


Ed Kless had a long, fruitful 20 year-long career with Sage ERP as the Senior Director of Sage Accountants Solutions before settling down to share his wealth of leadership knowledge via podcasts, like this one with his co-host at The Soul of EnterpriseHe was awarded Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting in 2017 by Accounting Today for his Sage knowledge and presence in shaping the industry. Real Talk Real Talk hosted by Tim Rodman, provides an unfiltered, independent take on Acumatica Cloud ERP. His direct site is the most trusted independent online community dedicated to Acumatica Cloud ERP and CRM with plenty of free resources (like the podcast!) as well as Premium membership benefits, like Generic Inquiries (GI) Training Courses and Acumatica Reporting Tools Consulting directly from Tim himself.


Tim Rodman started his career as a Big 4 Auditor but has been working in ERP since 2005, with a heavier focus on Business Process Improvement and Reporting (including Business Intelligence) and a background in the legacy ERP products Sage 500 (MAS 500) and Dynamics GP (Great Plains). He officially joined the Acumatica force in 2015 and assisted Acumatica Value-Added Resellers (VARs) with their Acumatica ERP implementations.

Our very own Laura Barber dives into her journey evolving from her early days as a Solomon Software support teammate, to Senior ERP Consultant at AIM Solutions, to the valuable Acumatica ERP Consultant of our Klear Systems team that she is today and shares techniques on offering agreeable, yet efficient customer support, as well as offering a wonderful word picture on her full work experience and the people she's come across from working in this vast industry. This exciting, yet easy-to-listen-to episode gives you a true glimpse of the talent that resides here as we take on tech advancements and challenges of the ERP universe as Tim guides us along Laura's story with his polished interviewing skills.

" goal is to always elevate that customer, to teach them so that they can be self-sufficient...I want to do well enough that you don't call me back,...[at least] not about the same issue!"

Laura Barber, Episode 130



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