In September 2023 our Customer Success & Sales Manager, Kayla Harter, took to the stage... well desktop, and shared her top reasons for leveraging your customer success manager!

Geared towards customers and how they can leverage their partner for an enhanced experience with Acumatica Cloud ERP Kayla shared the key points you will learn from watching the session: What a Customer Success Manager can do for you, how to utilize this resource to obtain a higher ROI from your investment, and the importance of a client-partner relationship.

Starting off with a poll: on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) Kayla assessed how session attendees would rate their satisfaction with their Acumatica partners RIGHT NOW? With little surprise the results came in on the lower end of the scale. Fortunately, dissatisfaction with your partner is not a situation you have to endure indefinitely. That's where your Customer Success Manager comes in!


"Customer success isn't what's on the forefront of everyone's mind"

Kayla Harter
Customer Success & Sales Manager | Klear Systems, Inc.



Why Customer Success Management?


The Customer Success Manager is your personal advocate for all things Acumatica and that partner relationship.

Your success is their success.

According to recent data, 89% of customers are likely to make another purchase immediately after a positive customer experience, Salesforce 2023, 93% of customers are likely to continue to do business with companies who offer excellent customer service, Hubspot 2023, and 85% of customers would rather do business with a competitor after just one bad experience.

Leveraging Your CSM, Acuconnect 2023

The CSM's role is to ensure you're (the customer) happy and getting the most out of your investment.


Customer Journey

So what does this mean for the customer journey? The Customer Success Manager should be involved in every step of the customer journey. Their goal is to ensure you're happy and getting the most out of your investment.


How do we Achieve This?

"It takes two to make a thing go right." - Rob Base and DJ EZ-Rock 

The simple answer is, together!

Customer responsibilities: 1) Don't avoid calls and emails from your CSM or partner 2) Be transparent and honest. Give them an opportunity to fix 3) Show up to meetings and discuss your business goals and growth

Partner responsibilities: 4) Monthly check-ins and ensuring you feel supported 5) Quarterly reviews for short-term planning and strategy 6) Annual business reviews for long-term growth strategy


When to go to your CSM

So who do you go to when you have a problem?

While the chain of command varies from each organization Kayla provides some general guidelines on who to reach out to for specific types of concerns. If you have customer support or technical issues you would call your partner's customer support team **or** Acumatica's customer support team. If you have questions about a specific project or deliverables then you'd reach out to your partner's Project Manager. The primary time to reach out to the Customer Success Manager would be if you have any concerns or escalations, questions regarding a new module, solution, or upgrade, or anything else pertaining to Acumatica or your partner relationship.



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Ashley Spence

Written by Ashley Spence