Did you know that more than 75% of food manufactures attribute the fastest-growing risk for business continuity to increased supply chain complexity?

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And, according to a survey done by the Business Continuity Institute, a whopping 70% claimed they lacked visibility over their entire supply chain!

Did you know that roughly 10-15% of food consumed in the US is imported? This increasingly globalized supply chain is only one of the factors contributing to a lack of visibility.  And a lack of visibility could lead to even more serious issues, such as product loss, interruptions in ingredient supply, food ingredient fraud, or even post-production spoilage if foods are handled incorrectly.

Many small to medium-sized food companies simply cannot afford to take on such risks, however, these risks are often not in their control. And many times, companies don't utilize important risk mitigation tools, or even implement an effective risk management process, which are both crucial for their business protection.

Imagine the competitive advantage if your organization had a plan in place to deal with supply chain disruptions!  Many larger manufacturers have already come up with plans to become more proactive, such as ways to prevent contamination in their facilities.

And this is just the first step, as more provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act take effect!


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus