As of yesterday afternoon, Thursday, March 19, 2020, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has placed an order to shelter-in-place with hopes to slow the spread the viral infectious disease, COVID-19. 

In the span of just a couple of months the coronavirus, also referred to as COVID- 19, has spread far beyond China, impacting retailers all around the globe.

Additionally, according to a Harvard Business Review article written at the end of February, the predicted peak of the viral outbreak's impact on global supply chains will occur in mid-March, forcing thousands of companies to throttle down or temporarily shut assembly and manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Europe.

Of course, it's also important to note that not everything is doom and gloom. These precautions have been implemented with the intent for us to "flatten the curve" and have proven to be successful in other countries, thus far. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that Apple reopened all of its 42 stores in China, after closing them for more than a month. 

However, during this time of uncertainty, our team wanted to take this opportunity to advise you that we are continuing to conduct business as normal. Based on the CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers and the recommendations of the California Government, Klear Systems has taken into consideration the safety of our clients, employees, and their families and fully equipped our staff to work 100% remote.

We, at Klear Systems, are here to assure you that we have taken the necessary precautions and equipped each employee so that they can be reached from home. Our organization will continue to fully operate with the exceptional quality of support and services we pride ourselves on providing.

Your business success is the measure of our business success and we are committed to serving  you throughout this challenging time. Support will continue to to be provided via phone at (949) 681-8135 & email via

Although this is a fast-moving and highly dynamic situation, we are committed to addressing concerns that you have are working closely to continue service with minimal interruption. 




Prevention & Treatment

  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Avoid close contact
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Stay home and wear a face-mask if you're sick
  • Clean & disinfect frequently touched surfaces


What to do if you are sick

  • Stay home except to get medical care
  • Avoid public transportation
  • Separate yourself from other people in your home
  • Call ahead before visiting the doctor
  • Avoid sharing personal household items


Click here for more more information on COVID- 19 and other Frequently Asked Questions


If you or a loved one may have come in contact with the viral infection it's important to seek medical attention immediately. We appreciate your business and hope you continue to remain healthy & safe.


Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus