Not establishing a relationship between you and your intern might result in a HUGE missed opportunity!

So you're busy.  You're running a million miles a minute and it's all too easy to let your interns take a back seat in your day-to-day operations.  You feel as though you don't necessarily have time to sit and train/mentor your interns, especially on things you expect your employees to already know.


However, not establishing a relationship between you and your intern might cause you to miss out on a HUGE opportunity!


Just as an internship is an asset to the intern, each potential employee is as much of an asset to your business.  Be sure to take the time to set them up for success and experience company growth in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

Here are three compelling reasons to cut the busy work and start treating your interns like a serious asset:


1)  There’s a good chance they’ll eventually join your team.

Did you know employers report converting over half of their eligible interns into full-time employees?

Most business owners struggle with hiring and retaining the right talent for their company even though it is essential for the growth of the company.

Internship programs may be a proactive approach to this problem as they allow business owners to build a custom pipeline of potential hires.  Who wouldn't want to get to know a potential employee and make sure they're the right fit?  So make the most of this time and focus on educating them from the ground up.


2)  They can be your best backup.

Lets face it.  There are some aspects of every business that are just…boring. You know the tasks you loathe to complete, yet pile up in the blink of an eye? The ones that everyone on your team conveniently pretends to forget about?

The fact is, the nitty gritty of running a business always involves a few tedious tasks.  But what you consider “busy work” might be something your new employee would be happy to learn! Of course, these tasks should not be assigned without a bit of meaningful communication regarding the greater purpose.  They should be helping your interns learn and gain experience in the industry.


3)  You just might learn something new.

Although they don't always have to be, interns are typically a bit younger than the average team member at your workplace. So use this to your advantage!  Your team should be open to learning something new from your interns and younger people can often offer a fresh perspective, as well as a contagious energy and enthusiasm. Get them in on your brainstorming sessions, allow them to contribute to major projects and be sure to take them seriously.


When managed with thought and care, the boss to intern relationship can (and should) be a win-win. Assigning meaningful work will not only empower your interns but also bring more to the table and help improve your chances of gaining incredible full-time employees.


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus