Avalara Invites You to So Cal A-List Networking & Training Events 

Posted by Ashley Lemus on Mon, Oct 10, 2016 @ 04:37 PM

You're Invited!



Avalara is offering some exciting Southern California A-list events this week,

and they want YOU to join them!


On Wednesday, October 12th, The Pelican Hill Resort will be hosting thousands of customers, partners, products specialists, and industry experts to discuss best practices, showcase new products, and provide training for users.  







Avalara doesn't just have one, but two events, that they're inviting you to this week.




Join Avalara on Friday, October 14th at the luxurious iPic Theater for a VIP Movie Matinee viewing of The Accountant, an upcoming film by Warner Bros. starring Ben Affleck, at 2:30 PM.


Reservations to this private event are first-come, first-served, and space is limited so you definitely don't want to miss out!


Avalara is an authority on sales tax for both Sage 100 and Acumatica.


New to Avalara? We would love to speak with you about how both
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The Definitive Guide to Sales Tax Webinar by Avalara

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 @ 12:08 PM

The Definitive Guide to Sales Tax
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST



Do you know when a good or service might be considered sometimes taxable?
Do you know the difference between sales tax and use tax?
If the answer is no, you could be due for a sales tax refresher course.

How you can always be prepared for sometimes taxable
Every company has their own way of handling tax, but when it comes to sales tax, even a pro can use a refresher course.

At some point, it's likely you'll come up against the issue of "sometimes taxable" good and services. That's because, as your business grows or changes, your tax obligations change too!  And different states will often have different rules for how they tax or exempt certain products or services.


Some of the trickier "sometimes taxable" items include:

  • Apparel and footwear
  • Books, music and videos (including how they're delivered)
  • Food: What it's made of and how it's served


Automating sales tax removes that ambiguity.  With Avalara's AvaTax software handling tax determination and calculation for you, you can be always certain you're taxing or exempting every transaction properly. 


Join Avalara's Sales Tax Technology expert, Aaron Wilson, as he explains:

  • How to access the correct rate across 12,000+ tax jurisdictions 
  • How to determine which states you owe sales tax in
  • How to determine who's on the hook for sales tax when using a drop shipper



The Definitive Guide to Sales Tax?
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
2:00pm EST / 11:00am PST


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Has Technology Redefined Accounting?

Posted by Ashley Lemus on Tue, Sep 20, 2016 @ 11:14 AM

Technology in the clouds!  Your accounting practices redefined by technology?



Now, there is a new breed of accounting firms that leverage technology to make the lives of their clients a bit more simple.  There has been a dramatic shift in the relationships between clients and business owners causing a belief that the evolution of the modern day firm extends beyond the improvements in technology. 

This new breed of accountants now offer value added services to simplify the lives of business owners; whereas, in the past, accountants served merely as compliance officers to ensure tax filings were processed in a timely manner.


With technology at the forefront of this evolution,

several major changes have taken place:


Cloud Platforms

With the core feature being the fact that they are web-based, cloud platforms allow a “read-only” direct feed access to your bank accounts and credit cards in a securely encrypted environment. As information is available in a more timely manner, and the elimination of a redundant double entry of bookkeeping information, the advantages to this system are undeniable. Furthermore, cloud platforms have improved the collaboration process between clients and their accountants as the accounting records can be accessed from anywhere in the world!

This live accounting platform eliminates multiple versions of files, time delays to get banking information into the system or difficulty sharing financial data with ones accountant. 


Document Sharing and Storage

Historically, firms would have no easy way to store client data in a place that is easily accessible by both clients and the firm. This is no longer the case.

One option is to set up a unique client portal for each client. Cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and even Doc-link by Altec all provide a great way to share and edit content in a secure environment and provide a great way to share content internally within the firm and externally with clients or third parties. Most importantly, these services provide the ability for collaboration to happen in real-time. As long as there is a computer or tablet and an internet connection, sharing information has never been more seamless.


Document Signing

Utilizing an online service in order to facilitate the document signing process, such as Docusign, Hello Sign, and Right Signature will provide a user-friendly way to get any document signed without ever having to use paper, a pen or a scanner. These services will even allow clients to sign documents straight from their smart phone while on the go. In addition, many of these providers attach a unique code and time stamp to each document signature.

What makes the process great is that the document signatures have the same legal validity and enforceability of pen-and-paper contracts.


Paperless Environment

Being a paperless firm not only improves overall efficiencies for completing work, but it also helps to reduce your company's carbon footprint. 



Improved accounting practices aren't the only benefits to adopting a cloud-based business solution!

We would love to speak with you about how how Klear Systems can benefit your organization.

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Taking The Anxiety Out of Outgrowing Quickbooks

Posted by Ashley Lemus on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 @ 11:25 AM

Stuck in your Quickbooks rut thanks to the anxiety of migrating financial data?

No one likes thinking of the obvious barriers and risks of growth, such as costs in time and resources.  But you wouldn't let the uncertainty of something being lost or broken keep you from moving into a new home, would you?  So why do the same with your Financial Management System?


Outgrowing Quickbooks Anxiety?


QuickBooks Migration Anxiety Is Paralyzing

So, here are just a couple problems that might be causing you moving anxiety:

  • Data inaccuracy: A messy QuickBooks ledger is the norm for most companies. Duplicated and incomplete entries show up clearly when organizing data for a move.
  • QuickBooks comfort zone: It can be easy to stay in your comfort zone, even if it’s falling down around you. Since many small businesses are so familiar with QuickBooks, it can be hard to decide it’s time to move even though consolidations are still manual and it has no real-time tracking.

 The success an SMB begins to experience, where growth and revenue outpace what Quickbooks can handle, might be an indicator of the need for cloud ERP.  With the right implementation partner, migrations are planned in great detail and selecting the right system implementation partner can increase your chances of a successful QuickBooks transition to Cloud ERP. 

The Time is Worth the Effort: Life is Good After QuickBooks

And like many of us after we unpack the last items after a big move, we sit back and sigh and decide “it was all worth it.” The same is true for moving away from QuickBooks to a Cloud ERP solution. Accountants’ day-to-day lives are much easier with a cloud-based solution because of automated multi-entity closing and reporting and easy multi-currency management.


If you're ready to take your enterprise to the next step and would like to learn more about how a cloud-based solution might be best for your organization, Klear Systems is here to help!


We would love to speak with you about how Klear Systems can benefit your organization.

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Learn How to Save Time and Money with Sage Live

Posted by Ashley Lemus on Wed, May 18, 2016 @ 11:19 AM

Grow your business by partnering with Sage.

So, what is Sage Live? Sage Live is an integrated, cloud-based accounting solution built right on the Salesforce App Cloud. And we’re not exaggerating when we say it’s a game changer for accountants like you—and your clients.


Sage Live could be the cloud-based accounting solution game changer you need.


At this webinar, you’ll learn that Sage Live is…

  • Connected.
    Sage Live allows you to access your account from any device, anytime.  Say goodbye to disparate resources like spreadsheets and single function apps!
  • Efficient.
    Save time and money by eliminating low-value processes and tasks, such as rekeying data into a separate system. With Sage Live it’s all in one place.

  • Instant.
    Get real-time information on your clients so you can give them valuable, up-to-date business advice.


Join us:

Date: May 26th, 2016

Time: 11:00 am EST / 8:00 am PST

I Don't Want to Miss Out!  



Attending this webinar will help you understand exactly how Sage Live can improve your business operations. A Q&A session will be offered at the end of the call so you can decide if Sage Live is right for you.


 We would love to speak with you about how Klear Systems can benefit your organization.

Contact us at (949) 681-8135


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Get Paid Faster with Sage Payment Solutions

Posted by Ashley Lemus on Mon, May 09, 2016 @ 11:13 AM

Sage Payment Center Extends the Benefits of Embedding Payments Management into an Accounting System

Sage Payment Center offers small and medium sized businesses a more convenient way to make and take credit card payments.


Small and medium businesses using Sage 100 can now easily make payment acceptance part of their existing workflow!


Sage, a market leader in accounting, payroll and payment systems offers an in-product solution for small and medium businesses using Sage 100 accounting products. Sage Payment Center provides an easy way for customers to apply for, activate and use the credit and debit card acceptance capabilities embedded into their accounting software.


With Sage Payment Center, small and medium businesses are offered a more convenient way to make and take credit card payments, view real-time transaction information and perform their most common payment activities from inside their financial systems.


"This latest version of Sage Payment Center extends the benefits of embedding payments within an accounting system to help small and medium businesses get paid faster, simplify their business operations, and ultimately make smarter decisions," said Paul Bridgewater, CEO of Sage Payment Solutions. "With Sage Payment Center, businesses can choose how they want to process a payment, easily spot accounts receivable trends, make payment acceptance part of their existing workflow, easily make automatic deposits, and much more."


To summarize, Sage Payment Center allows small and medium businesses to:

  • Apply for, activate and use credit and debit card payment acceptance embedded into Sage 100.
  • Accept payments against an invoice and process a credit card payment using a PCI-secure point-of-sale (POS) interface that posts into Sage 100 in real time.
  • Gain "cash-flow confidence" by knowing who is paying and when they've paid by seeing credit card and other payment types in real time.
  • Make more informed business decisions by viewing payment trends and gaining a better understanding of business direction and health.


Future Sage Payment Center releases are expected to expand functionality to give small and medium businesses more payment options and greater insights into business performance.



Want to learn more about Sage Payment Center?

Download our FREE Sage 100 Credit Card Processing spec sheet


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5 Ways Quickbooks May Be Failing Your Business

Posted by Ashley Lemus on Tue, May 03, 2016 @ 12:55 PM

QuickBooks has been the go-to financial software for small businesses for years!  However, as these small businesses grow they begin to discover the inadequacy of this financial software. QuickBooks has many limitations to many processes businesses use to supplement their growth such as insufficient visibility to data. Often times businesses need to add more systems that do not integrate well with each other in order to complete many of their day-to-day operations.

Cloud Accounting - Invoicing, Time Billing, Payroll


So, just how is QuickBooks failing today’s businesses?


1. Lack of real-time data reporting

Often times data can become buried within multiple systems that don’t communicate competently with one another while using Quickbooks. Rather than spending time on analysis and decision making, employees have to hunt for this hidden data. In most cases the data they are hunting for is out of date or incomplete because it comes from various locations. With cloud-based financials, data is presented in real-time from anywhere. This real-time access to data allows for better time management and quicker reaction time for decision makers.


2. Manual Processes Used for Entering Data

Manual entry requires employees spend time entering information which leads to an increase in errors. Incorrect customer data could be present and lead to important documents (like bills and invoices) being sent to the wrong places. Approval time for decisions slows as documents become lost and valuable time is spent to match them to other records. Data entry on cloud-based financial software is seamless. To ensure the most accurate information is constantly available the data is visible to a variety of departments and employees and can be easily updated, once entered.

3. Sales and Customer Service Issues

Customers have come to expect a set of standards while shopping online. Lack of visibility into stock levels, customer service, and other departments can lead to a loss of sales. As a result, customers can grow frustrated and turn to other companies that run faster and more efficiently. When information is strewn about through multiple departments, sales & marketing teams are unable to collect and filter accurate data in order to target campaigns to specific customer bases. Thus leading to a surplus of unsold inventory. Using cloud-based software allows your small business to have better customer service, as well as conversion rates, with prospects due to readily available, accurate data.

4. Accounting Time

Unlike many cloud-based software programs, QuickBooks has a limited set of accounting functions. This lack of functionality means several applications must be used to complete the job. Businesses are growing and changing rapidly, and legacy software systems can’t handle complex business processes like recurring billing, making it difficult for expansion into new locations and product lines. These systems lack fundamentals that adapt to industry specific requirements like prepayments. Cloud-based software solutions, however, offer integrated solutions for recurring billing and global expansion including multiple currencies and tax rates.


5. Adding New Technology Takes Up Valuable Time

Adding new software to existing infrastructures creates a tangled, complicated web that is inflexible and time consuming. New software isn’t the only variable sucking valuable time from businesses, it’s the hardware itself. Equipment and software upgrades lead to higher maintenance costs as technology moves quickly and many businesses fail to keep pace with newer versions. Because data and business processes are streamlined in one place, maintenance costs are lower for companies running cloud-based financial software.


Why Companies Are Making the Switch to Cloud Financials:

Companies across many industries are making the switch to cloud-based financial software such as Acumatica and Sage Live. These systems deliver outcomes that are faster, cheaper and use less resources than other entities while proving to be scalable to accelerate growth. Dual data entry is eliminated freeing up valuable time to build better customer relationships.


If switching to a cloud-based financial solution sounds daunting, there are knowledgeable consultants, like Klear Systems, Inc., who can help with implementation and customization through an on-site business process review.


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Acumatica Cloud ERP Leads Non-Profits to the Cloud with NonProfitPlus

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Sat, Feb 20, 2016 @ 08:30 AM

acumatica_cloud_erp_non_profit_plus.jpgNonProfitPlus, powered by Acumatica CloudERP, recently the launched a cloud based non-profit accounting suite thanks to the flexible cloud technologies available from Acumatica.

NonProfitPlus is a powerful nonprofit accounting software solution which recognizes that 501(c) (3) organizations are unique in the way they record and report activity.

As a result, NonProfitPlus empowers non-profit organizations to run successful programs by providing the accounting functionality they require.

For example, rather than tracking grants in Acumatica's Project Accounting module, this product allows an organization to use a native grant management module.

In the same way Acumatica Cloud ERP functions for traditional businesses, NonProfitPlus allows users to manage the finances of their company through a web browser on any device, anywhere and involve the entire organization to drive growth and efficiency with a product designed specifically for their needs.

New technology means new possibilities.

This specifically designed software will streamline the way non-profit organizations manage fund accounting, grant management, and manage restricted accounts without using “work-around” solutions and additional data manipulation in Excel. 

By using the same cloud technology of Acumatica Cloud ERP that requires no on-site maintenance, the functionality of NonProfitPlus mirrors the natural business processes of a nonprofit organization.

Additionally, NonProfitPlus users will benefit from:

  • Enhanced budget validation in their procurement process, protecting the budget from request to payment.

  • An unlimited user model which allows all people in the organization to access the software, not just financial users/administrators.

  • A native mobile application which allows users to access data on the go, especially when submitting expense claims and making approvals.

This cloud-based accounting system allows non-profit organizations to process work efficiently as well as effectively without adding time-consuming burdens that cripple the workforce. 

In the past, non-profits have been stuck using stock products due to the substantial initial investment required for an on premise solution.

Thankfully, Acumatica Cloud ERP technology has changed everything. 


For more information on Acumatica Cloud ERP,
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Sales Tax on Vending Machine Purchases? Avalara Investigates

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 05:11 PM


Avalara, an authority on sales tax for Sage 100 and Acumatica, hosts a weekly showcase of what they consider to be "wacky tax" laws. This week they ask the tough tax questions involving our old junk food-harboring friend, the vending machine.

According to wikipedia, the first vending machine was constructed in ancient Egypt.  In this first machine, a coin was placed in a slot on the top of the machine and as a result a set amount of holy water dispensed. This novel invention lead to coin-operated pencil vendors centuries later in China and then Tobacco boxes in British taverns centuries after that. 

sage100_avalara_salestax_potato-chips.jpgFinally in 1888, vending machines were considered a “viable market” in the U.S.  Fast forward to 2016 and the list of things that chan be purchased from a vending machine is shockingly impressive.

From candy and chips in offices to freshly baked pecan pie in Texas and beef jerky in Washington state. In the United States, vending machines typically disperse food and beverages, hot or cold which begs the following:

Question: Can vending machine sales be subject to tax? 

Answer: Definitely!

In actuality, sales and use tax applies to vending machine transactions varies state by state and the line is so its a little more complicated than it seems.


Because Klear Systems HQ is in California, we'll start there:

In the Golden State, cold food items and individual hot drinks (aka coffee) are generally exempt from California sales tax when sold from a store location. Candy, chips, cookies, fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices, and granola bars are also exempt when bought in-store.

With that being said, everything changes when a vending machine gets involved. ALL OF THE ABOVE are subject to sales tax if purchased from an automated box. In short, they are considered “partially taxable. Tax applies to 33 percent of your gross receipts from vending machine sales of cold food products and hot drinks.”


Tax does not apply to the following:

  • Bulk sales of candy and other food items sold from a coin-operated vending machine for 25 cents or less.
  • Sales of purified drinking water dispensed into a customer’s container when the water enters the vending machine through local supply lines.

The full rate of sales tax applies to the following:

  • All carbonated beverages
  • Hot food products (other then hot beverages)
  • Other food products, such as the little aliens featured in Toy Story, are generally taxable
    (California BOE Publication 118).

And now you know!

Thanks for clearing that up, Avalara!

For more information
on Sales Tax Automation
for Sage 100 or Acumatica,
Please contact us today!


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Order Sage ERP Year-End Tax Forms Today!

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Jan 05, 2016 @ 02:29 PM



So you have checked everything off your 2015 year-end list except ordering your tax forms?
You're in luck - there's still time to get the right tax forms the first time from Sage.

January 31 is almost here, but you still have time!




These are the only tax forms that are guaranteed by Sage to be 100% compatible with your Sage 100 ERP software.  January is here and expedited shipping is available so order your year-end tax forms today and get them into employee and contractor hands by January 31st!

sagetaxforms2015.jpgSage Tested and IRS Approved!


Order online or call 800-617-3224 
to speak to a knowledgeable
Sage tax form representative.


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