One such area that is complex for a lot of businesses is sales tax.

That's because, as your business grows, the higher the chances are that your business will be subject to more state compliance requirements!

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This 5-minute survey from Avalara, a Sales and Use Tax Compliance industry leader, is an excellent starting point for the conversation on sales tax risk, registration, sales tax research, and sales tax compliance automation.

This survey does have every answer about sales tax but will put into perspective which questions need to be asked next and with which states to focus.


After answering four questions, you'll receive a summary which includes:

-   States in which your organization may have risk by not collecting sales tax

-   Follow up questions to consider before registering with a state

-   Questions to ask to determine if a technology solution such as Avalara’s may add efficiency to your compliance process


Upon completion of this quick survey,
your SMB will be well on its way to sales tax compliance!

 Let's Figure Out My Sales Tax!


Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus