Recently our team came across the question, "How does cloud-based ERP help small to mid-sized businesses grow?"

ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning) software helps businesses of ALL sizes grow because they remove inefficiencies in business processes. This enhances productivity, reduces COGS, and clears up more time for your business (getting more sales, shipping out orders faster, etc).

ERP software achieves this by removing the need for separate systems to do each piece of the business process (ie: accounting software *ahem* Quickbooks *ahem* blended with an external CRM software which is then mixed with a separate warehouse management system). Wow, talk about a disconnected business, right?

Instead, an ERP software replaces all of these, taking everyone across all of your company’s departments and putting them on the same software platform which essentially puts all your people on the same page.

Such business management solutions have historically been only available to larger enterprises because of the cost of the software as well as the cost of the servers, hardware, and the IT staff needed for all of it. Traditional ‘on-prem’ (on-premise) ERP is typically more expensive not just because of these extra costs but also because you have to pay someone to upgrade the software every couple of years.

Cloud ERP has removed these barriers to entry for small to midsize businesses in the last decade or so. True cloud ERP systems are browser-based meaning they can be accessed from anywhere on any device that can connect to the internet. They are updated in real-time and run on a hosted platform that is included in the price of the software (no server necessary & updates are done remotely, cutting upgrade costs significantly). BEWARE: not all software that claims to be ‘cloud ERP’ are truly cloud ERP systems. Basic questions to ask a potential ERP provider would be does the software allow for true mobility? What sort of deployment and licensing options are available? Etc.


Acumatica is one of the ERP systems that has been taking the cloud ERP world by force since 2009. That's because it started as a cloud ERP system, so while its competitors are playing catch-up to this new technological revolution, Acumatica is focusing on continuous cutting-edge development.

Having been named Best Cloud ERP Solution for the last 2 years and ‘Best Cloud ERP for Manufacturing’ in 2018 by the CODiE awards (read: Oscars of software and tech), you know it’s a tough solution to beat. The best thing about it though? NO PER USER LICENSE CHARGES. Because what’s the point of having ‘all your people on the same page’ if you can’t really have all your people on the same page?


We provide several different software solutions, but when it comes to Cloud ERP, there’s only one we can recommend with integrity and confidence—Acumatica.


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Kayla Harter

Written by Kayla Harter