Ease-of-use and the broad, deep functionality are just a few of the reasons Sage 100cloud has gained so much popularity over the past couple of years.

However, with any growing business, there comes a point when limitations cause for an evaluation of a new system, which is usually the case as an organization outgrows their current system.

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We're happy to announce that Sage provides an option for easy migration with their 100cloud product!

With their focus on creating "Customers for Life", Sage 100cloud is the perfect solution to ease SMB growing pains - providing new levels of capability and the extended features that serve as a flexible and scalable system.


So, how do you know if it's time for your organization to upgrade to Sage 100cloud?

If you're a fast growing business, you'll most likely find it necessary to empower your employees to work in multiple locations with "on the go" mobile options.


But that's not the only reason you should consider 100cloud. Check out these 5 reasons it's time to upgrade: 

1) Improved User Capabilities

I bet you thought the "c" in Sage 100cloud stood for cloud... Well, it doesn't. It actually stands for connected, collaborative, and customer-focused.  All of which are great reasons to consider a 100cloud migration.

But don't worry! You can still run your Sage 100cloud in the cloud by either creating your own cloud server or employing the services of a cloud hosting provider.

2) Even Easier to Use

Easier navigation, persistent web content, personalization & security, application scaling, and improved business insights dashboards all help automate and modernize your Sage experience. 

3) Superior Functionality 

While Sage 50 is largely known as an accounting software, Sage 100cloud is a true ERP system that not only provides accounting & finance, but also provides support for manufacturing, business intelligence, reporting, sales & customer management, purchasing & supplier management, and complete inventory & warehouse management.

4) Additional Functionality

Additional functionality includes E-invoicing, AP automation, multi-bin warehousing, budgeting & planning, job cost to framework, payroll to framework, and inactive warehouses.

5) Simpler Licensing

Gone are the days of outdated perpetual licensing with maintenance support. Sage 100cloud makes licensing easier with its subscription-based model! It's new annual subscription-based licensing comes at the same cost for most customers, making internal approvals easier than ever.


Sage 100cloud is a game changer for any organization seeking a true ERP solution that allows their small to medium business to grow at the rate they desire!


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus