Sage 100 Cloud ERP - MAPADOC EDI Supply Chain Management

MAPADOC EDI for Sage 100 Cloud ERP

MAPADOC by SWK Technologies is an easy to use electronic data interchange (EDI) software solution that fully integrates with Sage 100 Cloud ERP allowing businesses to:

  1. Dramatically cut data entry time and costs by eliminating duplicate entries
  2. Improve communication with trading partners
  3. Reduce mapping time by over 75% by allowing end-users to quickly and easily create their own maps for integrated documents



The MAPADOC mapping utility empowers end-users to easily update maps on the fly.  MAPADOC allows mapping to/from Sage 100 Cloud ERP fields, preset variables and user defined fields (UDFs) for easily adapting those ever-changing trading partners.  The unique EDI mapping wizard for inbound purchase orders and outbound invoices cuts mapping time by over 75%. 

Users can assign cross-reference values and perform pre-processing and post-processing data format conversions. Available cross-references include item, ship to, ship via, warehouse address code and UPC code.

MAPADOC EDI Sage 100 ERP Integration Supply Chain Management


MAPADOC EDI is available in three configurations allowing companies to pick a path and add functionality if and when necessary:

  1. Easy to use turnkey EDI solution
  2. Highly flexible and configurable EDI solution
  3. Complete end-to-end supply chain EDI solution


For more information on MAPADOC EDI for Sage 100 ERP,
see the PDF Spec Sheet or Contact Us.