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Sage Fixed Assets

Track and manage your fixed assets through every step of the asset life-cycle.



The one asset your business can't do without.

This complete fixed asset management solution provides comprehensive depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory tracking and reconciliation, construction-in-progress management, and customized reporting, to arm front line employees with accurate information to effectively manage every step of the fixed asset lifecycle - from acquisition to disposal.
Maximize Tax Savings
Stay compliant with IRS regulations and automated annual federal tax compliance updates. 
Reduce Operating Costs
Budget and track all the costs of business projects before they become fixed assets. 
Eliminate Ghost & Zombie Assets
Protect your business from excess loss and avoidable risk by eliminating ghost and zombie assets.  


4 Modules to Give you Full Visibility & Control


Depreciation Management

Inventory Tracking

Project Management

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Depreciation Management

    Save time and money managing your fixed assets using a robust depreciation calculation engine.

    • Unlock over 50 methods of depreciation including user-defined depreciation

    • Help ensure compliance with government regulations

    • Integrate with popular general ledger systems

  • Inventory Tracking

    Reduce the time you spend managing projects with the advantages of real-time tracking.

    • Know the status of projects at any given time

    • Eliminate lost or stolen assets and reduce insurance costs

    • Control data entry with customizable fields and clearly describe asset records with notes and images

  • Project Management

    Proactively monitor the status of your project details and monitor both physical and financial completion of projects.

    • View your assets across all projects at the line-item and transaction level

    • Import invoices and other purchasing information from your accounts payable system

    • Manage budget and asset usage through project completion

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Retrieve accurate data with in-product reporting for a full scope of managed fixed assets.

    • See current assets in real time

    • Beat the audit with accurate fixed assets data

    • Reduce time with streamlined reporting with reporting automation

Over 50% of businesses use spreadsheets to keep track of business intelligence!

And over 88% of spreadsheets contain formula errors...


Download our free infographic to explore the key differences between using spreadsheets or software for your asset management, highlighting control, functionality, and compliance.

Sage Fixed Assets Spreadsheets vs Software

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Sage Fixed Assets Desktop Dashboard


Benefits you can't afford to miss out on.


✅ Streamline workflow, to gain greater visibility and manage fixed assets data with comprehensive depreciation calculations
✅ Easily scan existing assets for detailed tracking of a location and the condition of all of your assets
✅ Get insight into areas like labor, locations, materials, and capital investment so you can get a pulse on all assets from acquisition to disposal
✅ Pre-built reporting allows you to accurately illustrate fixed assets data for audit history to complete asset management

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