Sage 100 Cloud ERP Scanco Barcode Solution

SCANCO Warehouse Mangement

Many ERP packages do not come with barcoding and data capture capabilities, leaving many companies wondering if they should integrate their barcoding solutions with their ERP software or purchase the solution separately.

Physical Counts have never been easier.

Sage 100 ERP Bar Code Solution

The future of physical inventory is here for Sage 100 Cloud ERP users with Scanco Counts, our newest Sage 100 mobile application.

Scanco Counts will automate your cycle counting and year end physical count from any iOS, Android or Windows device.

The application seamlessly integrates into Sage 100 ERP Physical Count Entry eliminating the need for paper counting and data entry. With countless hardware accessory options, users can scan barcodes, look up items, and send counts real time into Sage 100 ERP.

Scanco Counts also includes Item Inquiry to give your users a real time view of inventory levels at any given moment. Increase counting speed by 75% and eliminate human error with Scanco Counts.

Count With An App

Scanco Counts eliminate the most common problems that customers face with counting inventory. Long count times, closing operations for year end counts, and the endless data entry are in your past with this easy to use app.  Scanco Counts provides unlimited team members a way to count product, all just a finger swipe away.

Scanco Counts has built in validation of company, warehouse, items, and quantity with your trusted source, Sage 100 Cloud ERP. Now users can quickly scan their counts by adding a cost effective scanning accessory to a device you already own.

Scanco Counts gives users a painless review process, listing all items they have counted and eliminating the guessing game. With an easy to use interface your users will be trained in no time at all.  Take your Physical Counts to the cloud with the latest in technology for Sage 100 with Scanco Counts.

Scanco Counts© native to not only iOS, but also Android and Windows devices.


Sage 100 ERP Bar Code
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