Sage Inventory Advisor for Sage 100 Cloud ERP


Sage Inventory Advisor is a secure, affordable, cloud-based subscription service that connects directly to your Sage ERP software solution to help your business reduce stock outs, excess inventory, and working capital. 

How big of an impact does inventory management have on the success of your business?  For mid-market distributers, manufacturers and retailers it's the lifeblood of your business.  It probably represents the biggest number on your balance sheet too.  It's no wonder you focus on trying to manage inventory effectively. 

In theory, inventory management should boil down to answering a few questions about the future: What items to stock?  How many?  When to order more? etc.  Take a closer look and you see that answering these questions across a sizable mix of items, locations and suppliers isn't so easy after all.

Sage ERP Inventory Advisor Warehouse Management

In the real life practice of inventory management, events on the ground fluxuate so much that companies periodically find themselves out of critical items and overstocked with others.  Stock outs occur resulting in customers becoming frustrated to the point of looking to competitors that can meet their immediate needs.

When overages happen, working capital gets tied up in carrying cost. Having enough stock to be prepared for demand while avoiding the cost of stock overages is a tough balancing act. Tilt too much in either direction and working capital is reduced. 

Bottomline: optimizing inventory
levels is a big challenge.


So how does a business right size inventory levels going forward?

A reliable forecast of future demand is a great place to start!  However, most basic inventory software lack the features necessary to make reliable predictions.  

Businesses looking to reduce inventory carrying costs while still meeting customer demands need to look no further than Sage Inventory Advisor.

With Sage Inventory Advisor, you can better manage inventory levels and costs, meet fulfillment expectations and increase customer satisfaction.  It packs the power to do a lot more than just track the inventory you have on hand and alert you when you're running low.  

  • It's a diagnostic tool that identifies excess inventory, potential lost sales and surplus orders.  
  • It's an analytics tool that extracts actionable intelligence from your historical sales, purchasing and supply chain data. 
  • It's a forecasting tool that makes item by item suggestions about planning optimal replenishment, implementing an ordering schedule and improving fill rates. 


 Sage Inventory Advisor Overview Demo


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