Distribution Management Suite - Requisition Management Module


The Acumatica Requisition Management Suite is an add-on module to the Distribution Management Suite for managing the complexities of requisition by eliminating paperwork while providing sales, service, shipping, receiving, management, and others with visibility through integration across the Acumatica system.


 Key Benefits of Requisition Management Module for Acumatica Cloud ERP



Purchasing Integration
Automatically create purchase orders in the purchase order module from approved requistions.

Predefined Request Lists
Limit requests to a specific list of inventory items by user.

Hide Inventory Items 
Optionally hide your product catalog from users, requiring manual item entry.

Collect and Organize Requests 
Bundle requests from multiple sources in a single requisition.  Create approval rules based on quantity, request amount and more.

Request Classes
Set requisition defaults by request class to simplify data entry and reduce errors.  Limit selection to a specific list of items, create customer only requests, hide vendor information, hide inventory catalog information, allow multiple vendors per request, and set promised lead times.

Create Customer Quotes
Create customer quotes to offer a price to customers for requested goods.

Sales Order Integration
Turn an approved quote into a sales order from with one click.  Sales orders are managed by the rules within the sales order module and linked to the requisition for easy access.

Complete Integration
The requisition module integrates with purchasing, order management, inventory management, and all financial modules to automate all processes, eliminate duplicate data entry, and properly account for all transactions.

Audit Trail
Automatically create a complete audit trail of all transactions, including user IDs of who entered and approved the transaction, and any user who modified the record.  Optional notes and attached electronic documents remain with the activity records.



Download the Distribution Management Suite PDF spec sheet to learn more!


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