Distribution Management Suite - Inventory Management Software

The Inventory Management software module of the Distribution Management Suite improves customer service by providing real-time access to all facets of your inventory including available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs.  

This process allows you to control system-wide inventory to efficiently manage your distribution process without losing track of costs.  Receive inventory to a specific location and drill down to change item default lot/serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts, and more.


Inventory Management Demo



Accurately Manage Costs
Accurately track costs of goods sold and inventory holding costs.  Select a different valuation method for each inventory item.  Create GL entries directly from inventory item.  Create GL entries directly from inventory transactions.

Multiple Valuation Methods
Use standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item-specific methods.  Select a different valuation method for each inventory item.  Make direct adjustments to cost and physical inventory count using repost and inquiry screens.

Multiple Warehouses
Manage multiple warehouses with location-specific inventory quantities, allocations, and costs. Redistribute inventory from a central warehouse to other warehouses automatically upon receipt. 

Inventory Sub Items
Assign sub-categories to track inventory characteristics such as size, color, and style.  Associate quantity information with each sub item.  View detail segment information and aggregated totals.


Acumatica's inventory management module is a key component of the Distribution Suite and is integrated with the Financial Suite as well as the Order Management and Purchase Management modules.



Download the Inventory Management Suite PDF spec sheet to learn more!


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