NonProfit Plus by ASI Non-Profit Solutions Module for Acumatica Cloud ERP




NonProfitPlus enhances the cloud ERP experience for nonprofits, providing the unique functionality required to run a successful not-for-profit organization. NonProfitPlus empowers organizations through effective financial management, offering a suite of modules that is tightly integrated with Acumatica Financial Suite, Time and Expense, Fixed Assets, and the Distribution Suite. 


Key Features of NonProfit Plus for Acumatica


The Acumatica Nonprofit Accounting Suite enables your organization to demonstrate accountability and stewardship, maintain funding sources, and engage leadership by analyzing your true financial picture.


Additional Nonprofit Management Features:

Budget Verification and Validation

Protect your budget

  • We understand the financial restraints which within nonprofit organizations must do business. For this reason, protecting the budget is a primary operation of the NonProfitPlus system within Acumatica. During system setup, you will be able to decide if you would like to warn users or prevent users from releasing transactions that put your organization in an over budget scenario. You can also specify certain users to be “over budget approvers” or decide to never allow any activity that exceeds budget. The options are for YOU to decide!

Board Management

Engage your leadership to raise financial awareness

  • Imagine arriving to a routine board meeting and jumping right into a productive conversation about the success and direction of your organization. Our Board Management Solution gives your board members 24/7 access to specific data that you find relevant concerning budgets, restricted funds, staffing, etc. NonProfitPlus allows you to effectively communicate with board members before taking a seat at the table, granting your leadership time to discuss what really matters.

Volunteer Management

Report and track volunteer contributions to secure additional funding

  • People are the beating heart of every nonprofit and often these people are passionate volunteers. Although it can seem like an extra task to do, every nonprofit should be tracking and reporting on volunteer hours. Not only does this allow you to recognize and appreciate your volunteers, but you will be able to prove your effectiveness and meet donor requirements for matching funds along with being GAAP compliant. GAAP specifies two rules for recording volunteer service. Our Time Card and Time Tracking will allow you to easily track volunteer time and produce accurate reports to be used for requesting additional funding.


Enhanced Audit Trail

 Know what is happening in your software

  • Acumatica Cloud ERP gives you a complete audit trail that stretches across all modules so that you can understand who, when and where transactions were entered and approved. In a sector where compliance and integrity often directly relate to funding, a comprehensive audit trail is a must have.





Download the NonProfit Plus Accounting Suite PDF spec sheet to learn more!


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