DiCentral EDI Module For Acumatica Cloud ERP



DiCentral is an industry leader in the development of EDI integration tools for Acumatica Cloud ERP users. As a preferred EDI provider for Acumatica users, DiCentral has consistently delivered quality products and services across the retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, logistics, warehousing, food, and consumer goods industries. 


The EDI-Integrated Suite comes equipped with validation, automation, and reporting functionalities that have been designed with the user in mind and that enable Acumatica users to take full advantage of the Acumatica platform.


Seamless data integration and embedded functionality allow all EDI related activities to be executed within the native end-user environment of Acumatica. Standard Acumatica error notifications are employed to achieve seamless management by exception best practices.


  • Meet customers' EDI requirements
  • Reduce your trading costs
  • No manual data entry
  • Short-term ROI
  • Make use of an integrated solution to your computing environment
  • A customized and scalable solution
  • Full data synchronization
  • Fully hosted and managed EDI
  • Embedded Acumatica user environment
  • 360 degree supply chain efficiency
  • Maximum agility and scalability
  • Aggressive return on investment



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