AvidXchange Invoice & Payment Automation Module for Acumatica Cloud ERP



AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills. This software-as-a-service solution has automated the invoice and payment process for more than 6,000 clients throughout North America, spanning industries that include Real Estate, Financial Services, Retail, Energy and Construction, and Professional Services among many others.

 Key Features of AvidXchange Invoice & AP Automation Solution for Acumatica Cloud ERP


Additional Features Include:

  • No more stacks of checks to sign

AvidPay enables check signers to have the sam elevel of control that they do today by enabling them to approve based on teh same rules theri business has in place currently for thresholds and double signatures.  Now, your signer simply selects "pay" instead of "print".

  • No more vendor chasing

Vendors will receive the ePayment or check.  Out Payment Services Team ensures all payments are received and provides a supported vendor experience.


For most businesses, the accounts payable process can be a nightmare. Automating this process saves you time, money and effort. With AvidXchange, you can slash the time you spend on invoice approvals and payments by 60% or more – and significantly reduce your operating costs too. Plus, this cloud-based, fully integrated AP and Payment Automation solution for Acumatica users eliminates your need for manual data entry and all the headaches that come along with it.




Download the AvidXchange Accounts Payable or AvidXchange Payment Automation PFD Spec Sheets to learn more!


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