Sage 100 Cloud ERP- Direct Deposit Module

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the safe, easy, and cost-effective way for your employees to have their paychecks deposited into their checking or savings accounts.

Add the Direct Deposit module to your Sage 100 Cloud ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) and you can improve employee satisfaction and save time, money, and the environment by going paperless and save the cost of printing, storing, and securing your preprinted check forms.  You will also reduce the time and cost associated for your employees to process and print checks and for the receiving employees to physically take those printed checks and deposit them into their checking or savings accounts. 

Best of all, this dynamic solution is easy to install and operate. It makes adding direct deposit
functionality to your payroll software an affordable and convenient way to make life simpler for
your employees.

After Sage 100 ERP produces the ACH file, it is securely and easily sent to your company’s financial institution, as long as that financial institution conforms to National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) standards. In turn, money is withdrawn and wired directly into the employee’s account.

Direct Deposit Module for Sage 100 Cloud Resource & Project Management



• Process payroll without the paper — save time, money, and the environment
• Increase efficiencies by electronically routing to the specified financial institution
• Reduce the risk of fraud and conform to NACHA standards
• Provide convenient payroll disbursements more quickly to your employees
• Allow your employees to allocate by percentage or amount to multiple accounts



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