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The customer relationship is one of the most important aspects of a business. The better your business can manage customer relationships, the better chances you have to provide true value that leads to more revenue and SUCCESS!  

With use of insightful CRM tools like those offered by Sage CRM or Acumatica, a business can quickly uncover who the best customers are and the specific needs they have - advantageous information to set in motion plans to meet those needs with value added products or services.

The basic goal of CRM is to create and manage business strategies aimed at fostering customer loyalty through the use of unique customer-targeted actions.

Thankfully technology makes this easier and more focused than ever!

Modern CRM software enables businesses to capture, organize, and use sales data, customer service interactions, and marketing campaign metrics to identify consumer trends and interests that can lead to high value business opportunities.

Here are 4 CRM tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Focus on ROI 
    While many large businesses embrace technology tools to help their processes, small & medium size businesses are historically more timid about it. Most businesses plan on achieving revenue growth by improving customer experience and engagement, however, less than half of businesses use CRM software to foster the improvement they desire. 

    A business simply cannot afford to ignore customer engagement and relationship management on the path to financial growth. 

    CRM software helps gather client data to zone in on buying habits, values, service preferences, purchase power, and feedback about your brand in order to find opportunities to create loyal and repeat consumers.

  2. Drive Success with Data
    If your business is not systematically capturing and analyzing customer data, then you are ineffectively engaging customers and missing opportunities to create additional sales. With manual systems, your response time to changing consumer demands is grossly inefficient.

    CRM software improves data analysis abilities and response time dramatically. 

    For example, CRM data can be gathered from sales calls, purchasing records, feedback surveys or ERP accounting modules. Once collected, data is organized into useful customer profiles that highlight relationship-building engagement opportunities resulting in happy, loyal customers.

  3. Outline Big Picture Plans
    Some small business owners might need help in seeing the value and usefulness of the many CRM tools available to them. Luckily, a quick call to Klear Systems will solve everything!

    A Klear Systems consultant can help small businesses create successful business processes connecting CRM features, target marketing and relationship building tactics into standard business protocol.

    Contact us today to see how CRM infrastructure is used to decipher customer data and show specific needs for specific customers. Choosing the right CRM software for your unique business is paramount to success and we are here to help!

  4. Avoid Implementation Pitfalls

    Use of CRM requires planning and strategy development for managing the introduction of the new technology to a business.

    A successful implementation requires a systematic method that considerate of all aspects of a business as well as employee training, new standard operating procedures and an experienced project manager to keep everything on track. 

    Small business owners with limited resources should look to outside professionals to help decide on specific CRM solutions, and then reap the rewards of the feedback. 


Still not convinced? Check out the 20-minute recorded sessions from the Sage CRM 2020 User Conference. The first session discusses how a lack of customer relationship management only continues to silo information via email, spreadsheets, & sticky notes, limiting your ability to respond quickly and accurately. It doesn’t scale, resulting in profit erosion and eventual loss of business, even from long-time customers.


The benefits to using CRM are real.
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Kimberly Tucker

Written by Kimberly Tucker