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5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Grow

By Ashley Lemus on Tue, Jan 24, 2017 @ 04:38 PM

Like many business owners you probably have a goal of growing your business in the new year.

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But do you know which signs actually point towards growth? 


Here are a few signs you're starting to outgrow your current software:

1. Everything takes too much time.

2. Everyone has poor visibility into the business.

  • The right metrics aren't tracked.
  • Data provided can't be trusted.
  • Forecasting isn't available, so it's harder to plan for the future.

3. Everyone has a different version of the truth.

  • Data can't be shared or accessed by the right people.
  • Collaboration doesn't exist or is more difficult than it should be.
  • Everyone takes longer to make decisions because they have different data.

4. No one has enough time to grow the business.

  • It's more difficult to attract and retain talent.
  • Time is spent on basic things instead of improvements and upgrades.
  • Everyone has a workaround instead of focusing on streamlining the business.

5. The business is poorly equipped for business expansion.

  • It's difficult to consolidate financial information, especially for more than one site.
  • Setting up new products and services is cumbersome.



So, what you can do?

1. Understand your organizations core needs.

  • Identify the metrics you need.
  • Think which systems you need to connect--accounting, inventory, HR and payroll, sales, marketing, and payments.
  • Get a business partner you can trust.

2. Stop doing business as usual.

  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks. If the data from reports aren't valuable, don't do the reports.
  • Delegate so you can make time to grow the business.
  • Set up incentives for quality to help your team reduce errors.

3. Don't tackle everything at once.

  • Do what's within your budget. Ideas to save money: subscriptions and software with add-on capability.
  • Prioritize. Handle your biggest challenge and then move onto the next priority.



Notice a couple signs that show you're ready to grow your small business? 

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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus