We're excited to announce that Scanco Software has been recognized as a leading technology provider in the logistics industry!

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CIO Applications, a publication focused on enterprise technology solutions capable of redefining an organizations future business goals, recently released their TOP 25 Logistics Technology Solution Providers for 2017, and Scanco Software made the cut!

 "We are honored that CIO Applications has recognized Scanco Software as a leading technology provider in the logisitics industry. . . This award encourages us to continue designing, developing, and implementing industry leading mobile solutions for managing high-value inventory and streamlining operations in the supply chain."

- Shaun Boros

Partner at Scanco


Scanco has been a leading provider of supply chain and automation software and services since 1989. From basic barcoding to the most complex distribution and manufacturing operations, they've positioned themselves to grow with their customers' ever changing needs.


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus