You might remember the announcement made at Acumatica Summit 2017, back in January, that Scanco was introducing Scanco Warehouse for Acumatica

XScan for JAMS and Acumatica.png

Those who may not remember, or possibly didn't attend the highly anticipated event, well, we'll forgive you this time but you should seriously consider going next year...


But, back to what we're really here to talk about. Scanco has just announced the release of XScan for JAMS/Acumatica!


XScan for JAMS/Acumatica is a highly flexible, adaptable wireless barcoding solution ideal for manufactures using JAMS.


Developed by manufactures, for manufactures, XScan was specifically designed for iOS and Android, your team can collect labor, material issues production entries, and status data related to your work orders. Validate and communicate in real time with JAMS and deliver immediate access to accurate, timely data you can use to make better decisions, minimize costs, maximize productivity, and maintain a competitive edge in today's marketplace!


· Work on mobile iOS or Android devices on the production floor
· Work online or offline without worrying about syncing data
· Track labor, issue materials and enter production data with on iOS or Android
· Integrate your barcoding solution for both the manufacturing floor and the warehouse


Scanco's industry leading WMS and Manufacturing packages help companies gain inventory velocity and take control of supply with the latest in mobile technology and real-time data sync.  Use the most advanced WMS & MFG Automation apps available on iOS and Android. See an increase in shipping times while reducing operational errors. Cut your Physical Count time by 75% and know in real-time where your products are in the Manufacturing process.


XScan for JAMS/Acumatica is a manufacturing barcode solution for Acumatica Cloud ERP that breaks new ground with integrated, mobile manufacturing and warehouse automation from one source.


Put Scanco's cutting edge technology to work with your Acumatica ERP system.


Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus