Avoiding an EPR version upgrade due to the many challenges you're sure to face?

What are the costs and benefits to upgrading your ERP system?


You aren't alone.  Many companies continue to use the same ERP system they've had for years for fear of disruption to their current functionality. Not to mention the time and effort it will take to learn and train on the new system.


Here are 3 reasons it's in your organizations best interest to upgrade:

Deferred Costs

There's no question that a successful upgrade requires plenty of careful planning and execution and if not performed properly, can lead to an upgrade avoidance.  However, many organizations don't talk into consideration that an upgrade avoidance ends up costing more in the long run. That's because the upgrade costs are actually deferred, rather than eliminated, and essentially multiply as the gap widens between their current ERP system and the new and improved version.

Unsupported Versions

The risk of skipping an upgrade must not be overlooked, as many businesses quickly end up on unsupported versions leading to even bigger software issues or security vulnerabilities.  Additionally, remaining on an older version will likely separate your business from the community norm.  This is because community collaborations for old/outdated versions end up getting little to no attention resulting in a shortage of resources your organization used to rely on.

Missing out on Functionality Improvements

New software means new functionality enhancements! If utilized to their full capability these enhancements will certainly become a clear competitive advantage as they'll help improve productivity.  Cloud-based solutions, such as Acumatica, for example, allows authorized personnel to access any information necessary in real time.


The cost and effort associated with avoiding system upgrades is not only risky, but ultimately limits your business.  That is why businesses must protect their ERP systems and plan for frequent, well executed upgrade regimens that will allow them to stay on current and supported versions.


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus