At the Acumatica Summit earlier this year, it was unveiled that a new DocuSign integration into the already robust Cloud ERP platform was in the works.

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Adding to the multiple business applications and services Acumatica interacts with, in what we call the multi cloud world, means more options that best serves Acumatica customers.  

Without this integration, users of Acumatica managed the document signing process as a separate stream and manually uploaded documents. Now, the integration is built right into the document management system, where users can work across many different documents (including sales orders, contracts, invoices, purchase orders and more) and route them for signing via DocuSign.




Using DocuSign’s eSignature REST APIs, the following key features were developed with this integration:

  • Creating envelopes and preparing documents for signing
  • Sending documents for signing and tracking the status
  • Managing documents centrally
  • Sending documents from CRM, Financials, Distribution, and other modules


“Everyone is still talking about the cloud . . . But it’s no longer realistic to think of today’s on-demand services as existing in one big cloud. Let’s face it: to get all the functionality your business needs, you have to tap into multiple separate clouds, each with its own capabilities and requirements. Businesses that fail to recognize this reality doom themselves to a future of standalone business processes and data silos—and they limit their potential for success.” 

- Jon Roskill, Acumatica CEO


This partnership with DocuSign allows for every type of business to benefit – from HR to Sales to Manufacturing – and is available across all Acumatica modules.


For a more in-depth look, DocuSign highlights the integration and provides a demonstration here:




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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus