A powerful Business management solution and Business Intelligence (BI) are the perfect combination for growing mid-sized enterprises.

 Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help you uncover new opportunities, quickly react to business changes, and make faster, more precise decisions.


With BI functionality you can finally go beyond the limits of spreadsheets to get a real-time overview of your data, and transform it into actionable information. You can easily connect to ERP transactional data and utilize the intuitive tools you need to deliver fast and accurate analysis.

BI unlocks the power of your data and delivers true visibility. By leveraging the integration between BI and your business management solution, you will reduce time-to-decision and improve the coordination of operations across your organization.

Improve access to key information with a modern BI solution that provides self-serve analytics and reports via an easy-to use spreadsheet, web and mobile interface. With reporting templates, data visualization tools, and a fast data processing engine, BI becomes the perfect supplement to your business management solution, leading to faster, more informed decisions.


When considering a business intelligence solution, there are 5 key aspects to keep an eye out for:

1. Leveraging Real-Time Date

By integrating real-time BI with your company's business information systems, you are able to supply your business units and management with accurate, up-to-date information, in a structured and timely fashion.


2. The Importance of Financial Reporting

When selecting a solution, make sure that it is adaptable to your organization's unique financial reporting requirements, in order to avoid additional manual handling and processing of reports and data.


3. Enabling the Business User

If your business users are empowered enough to run queries and develop their own custom insights and reports, you remove the burden of report generation from IT staff and free up talent to focus on more business-critical activities.


4. Interactive Data Visualization and Mobility

A BI solution that supports access via mobile devices not only increase productivity but also allows managers to make timely decisions even when they are on the go.


5. Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Business Intelligence not only facilitates timely, fact-based decision-making, it also allows you to easily share information across your organization based on security and job role.


In short, business is more complex than ever before. Data is constantly coming in from a variety of sources and systems. You barely have time to sort through the deluge, much less interpret it and generate timely analysis. You know you need to be agile to respond to changing economic conditions, but the volume of data is simply overwhelming. Instead of wishing for more, you find yourself wishing for better, more concise information.


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus