When combined with the data powerhouse of Sage 100 ERP, Sage business intelligence software allows companies to take full advantage of their data on all fronts.  This information can be used to analyze an organizations operations, make changes to gain efficiency and therefore increase revenue as a result.


Check out 4 ways to work smarter, not harder with Sage Business Intelligence below:

  1. Gain Informational Insights 24/7
    ERP and business intelligence truly create an all-in-one storage platform for an entire organization's data. Fore example, customer order information can be connected with inventory management and other operational data to provide a complete picture of the company's output. As a result, business intelligence tools allow companies to make connections between trends that would have not been immediately apparent otherwise taking the guesswork out of projecting sales volumes or other important details.

  2. Document & Analyze Customer Behavior
    Because Sage Business intelligence allows companies to use every bit of data they have to their advantage, customer behavior is easily documented and available for analysis. As a result, business intelligence makes it easier to correlate customer behavior to business growth. Combining purchase behavior with data from customer relationship management (CRM) and even social media communications enables organizations to learn a limitless number of new things about their market and use these insights to increase revenue.

  3. Act and Adapt in Record Time
    Business Intelligence data allows companies to quickly adapt. Without BI, a manager is of course able to make a strategic decision based on separate sets of data but this first requires him or her to seek out all of the different data sets then sit down and review them.

    Sage Business intelligence removes these time-consuming stages and automatically generates easy-to-read reports that can be instantly shared via the cloud. The efficiency of business intelligence and ERP enables companies to use their time, resources and energy more effectively.

  4. Forecast The Future
    The forecasting features enabled by Sage Business Intelligence are some of the most beloved. Without BI, operations relied primarily on semi-educated assumptions. By using algorithms on historical data, business intelligence empowers companies to more accurately predict the future. Greater accuracy means stronger growth and fewer mistakes, things all companies can benefit from.


Companies with Sage 100 ERP should strongly consider integrating Sage business intelligence to increase efficiency and do more with the data they already have.

Smart companies track customer behavior, sales and inventory information and then they can use this data more effectively by harnessing business intelligence to piece it all together.


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Kimberly Tucker

Written by Kimberly Tucker