Struggling to hit the target when it comes to marketing to Millennials?

Hit your target when marketing to millenials


Millennials -- males and females aged between 18 and 34 -- are making up the bulk of mobile users with almost a quarter browsing the mobile web for at least four hours every weekday. These statistics speak for themselves: millennials consume tech more than any other generation.


But how can brands target this profitable demographic with CRM software?

1. Collect Prospect Details Using Social Media

Brands that want to target their services and products to millenials can no longer rely soley on phone number and email addresses.  Adapting you SMB's communication methods to social media is proving to be much more lucrative.

That's where your customer relationship management software comes in handy!  With an effective CRM marketers can collect Facebook addresses and Instagram handles from prospects to engage with their customers. Especially since more than half of social media users search for product information and communicate with brands on social networks.

2. Gain Behavioral Insights In Real-Time

Real-Time monitoring tools allow in-depth insights into the purhcasing behaviors and habits of consumers. With the wide variety of tech devices available a millennial might experience a number of communication points where information can be exchanged. Over time, these interactions build a very informative consumer profile. 

3. Improve Customer Service

CRM allows you to improve the customer experience by tracking interactions between your consumers and customer representatives. This software compiles previous communications -- by phone, email, mail, SMS or social media -- so staff can manage correspondence and promptly resolve complaints.

This is extremely beneficial since millennials are sticklers for good customer service!  Not only are they quick to leave a company after a bad experience, but they're also very loyal to a brand that will treat them well.



We understand with the numberous forms of communication available it can easily become overwhelming.  However, with a CRM that stores all social media details in one place, facilitating effective communication is a breeze. Marketers can gain insights into the purchasing behaviors and habits of this generation with real-time monitoring tools. A customer relationship management software is a must-have when trying to grow your business, especially when communicating with a generation that places great importance on customer service.



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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus