Maybe you're new to Sage or maybe you've been a loyal lifelong customer.

Either way, there is always something new to learn about this business management software thanks to enhancement features constantly being added or improved.

sage100c features and functions

With the newest Sage product release, not only was there an improvement to the Sage 100 2016 version, they also included a new version known as Sage 100c.  This new and improved version includes a full business management platform to help you automate processes, customize business reports, connect with employees, and gain insight.


So how is this really different from Sage 100 2016 which offers all these things as well?  Sage 100c is really a modernized version of the latest release of Sage 100– with an easier to navigate user interface.  It offers complete mobile access and a shorter learning curve than the traditional versions – with enormous benefits.


Here are some more things you need to know about Sage 100c:

Sage 100c stands for Connected, Collaborative, and Customer-Focused. Sage 100c will give you the freedom to stay with the trusted solution that you've counted on for years. You'll have the confidence to leverage new technology at your own pace without disrupting your business.


So, how do you start your migration?  
We've provided 3 Steps to migrate to Sage 100c:

Step 1:  Upgrade your current version of Sage 100 to the latest release.
Step 2:  Once you have the new license keys from Sage, you’ll be transitioned over to Sage 100c.
Step 3:  As Sage 100 consultants, with every significant release, we recommend a few hours for user training so you can take advantage of all the great benefits Sage 100c has to offer.


Sage 100c helps unite your entire business operation in a simple, streamlined way.  If you consider all the benefits, there is no better time to move to Sage 100c.


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Ashley Lemus

Written by Ashley Lemus