Sage Alerts and Workflow Module ((formerly KnowledgeSync))

Most organizations today spend far too much time manually running, distributing, and delivering various forms, documents, and reports to both their internal employees and external clients and partners.

Sage 100 Cloud ERP's Alerts and Workflow module automates both the production and delivery of such documents, whether it’s sending quotes, invoices, or letters to clients, or distributing analytical reports to an organization’s own managers and executives.



Using Crystal Reports®, Sage ERP Alerts and Workflow generates forms and documents when needed—or when business conditions demand it—and delivers this information to the right people at the right time.


  • Notify staff about critical business issues when they occur—and not hours, days, or weeks later. 
  • Identify trends or problems across your entire business by combining and analyzing information from multiple systems. 
  • Synchronize data between multiple business applications and identify inconsistencies between databases. 
  • Know when someone changes a critical piece of business information—like a contract renewal cost or a client’s credit limit. 
  • Be alerted—and trigger automatic corrections—when potential problems appear in your Windows operating systems. 
  • Monitor activity on your website and autoprocess information requests and/or questions from prospects or clients. 
  • Combine all your applications—including homegrown solutions—under one Business Activity Monitoring solution, and create a central point for business process management. 
  • Enable “follow-me alerts” that know when and where to find you based on the time of day and day of the week.



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