Financial Management Suite - Employee Portal Module

The Acumatica Financial Management Suite  Employee Portal (EP) module allows companies to automate the process of entering timesheets, submitting expense claims, and assigning work.

Acumatica makes it easy to involve everybody in your organization because there is no client software to install and access permissions prevent users from viewing other modules or information.


Expense Claim Reporting Feature
Using only a web browser, employees can submit expense claims with scanned receipts and supporting documents. Once submitted, the expense claim will be assigned for approval according to predefined assignment rules. After the claim has been approved, Acumatica will create a bill in accounts payable to initiate the reimbursement and will generate a customer invoice if expenses were designated as billable to a customer.

Expense Claim Reporting for Acumatica Cloud ERP's Financial Management Module


Timesheet Reporting Feature
While working from anywhere, employees can complete worksheets where they document activities for the day. Timesheets allow workers to specify a customer, a contract, worked hours, and billable hours. Once approved by a supervisor, timesheets can automatically update contract usage and generate a customer bill.

Time Sheet Reporting for Acumatica Cloud ERP's Financial Management Module

Task Management Feature

Employees can create tasks associated with documents and assign these tasks to other employees or work groups. The task inquiry screen provides a central location where employees can see tasks that were assigned from any module as well as see tasks that have been escalated for follow up. Acumatica makes it easy for employees to add their task list to a dashboard and drill down inside to view task and document details.

 Task Management Feature for Acumatica Cloud ERP's Financial Management Module

Additional Features

  • Event Management: An integrated event management system allows you to assign a default calendar specifying the working hours for each worker. Workers can use the calendar to schedule appointments and indicate absences and non-working hours. Calendar information can be shared across organizations to streamline scheduling and resource management.
  • Organization Chart: Acumatica allows you to build a company organization chart by specifying company positions and departments as well as the direct report for each company employee.
  • Assignment Rules: Acumatica provides a flexible mechanism for assigning work and approving expense claims and timesheets. You can assign tasks differently according to parameters such as the employee who created the document and the document amount. Once assigned, Acumatica will generate a task for the appropriate work group and user.
  • Escalation Routes: Acumatica allows you to establish hierarchies for escalating work items. You can organize company employees into work groups based on the executed tasks or operations. For each escalation step you can specify a time interval, which is used to automatically escalate incomplete work items.
  • Activity History: Acumatica provides an inquiry screen to trace all activities performed by an employee. Each activity allows you to navigate to the documents or entities associated with the activity.
  • Audit Trail: The Employee Portal module provides a complete audit trail of all employee transactions. After a document is approved and released, you cannot delete or cancel the document - to correct mistakes, you must enter a correcting or reversing entry. Acumatica keeps the details of all EP Documents, including the user who entered the transaction and the user who modified the record. The auditing process is simplified by having notes as well as supporting electronic documents attached directly to the transactions.



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