SugarCRM Super Charge w/ App Integrations from SugarExchange

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Aug 18, 2015 @ 04:00 PM

Is your SugarCRM as powerful as it could be? Probably not if you haven't been over to the recently remodeled SugarExchange web store, exclusively for users of their Sugar Commercial Editions.

The newly refreshed Sugar Exchange offers a broad spectrum of third party applications and integration software to extend Sugar deployments.

It now has a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that can be likened to the Apple App Store:


To create a SugarExchange account click the “Log In” link in the upper right hand corner of the SugarExchange homepage and either:

  1. Sign in to your SugarCRM website account (this is separate from your Sugar Instance account)


  2. Create a SugarCRM account that will allow you to manage your SugarCRM subscription and access community resources

The new SugarExchange includes a wide variety of applications and integration software products that have been developed by SugarCRM partners to extend the reach and functionality of Sugar CRM software.

SugarExchange is built on the AppDirect technology platform, which is a recognized leader in cloud service commerce and SugarCRM has developed a rich set of APIs that enable partners and customers to achieve deep integration with Sugar, and to build a broad range of applications and solutions that leverage its features. 

Furthermore, because SugarCRM offers developers access to its source code, app architects are empowered with a level of flexibility and depth of integration that has allowed for a rich array of solutions for Sugar. 

Combined with solutions from Sugar Technology Partners, SugarCRM functions as the central hub for customer data across a vast array of applications and business processes, including:

  • Marketing
    Campaign Management, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Management, Data Enrichment

  • Sales
    Performance Management, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Proposal and Contract Management, eCommerce, Relationship Intelligence, Analytics, Social Sales, Content Enablement, Partner Enablement

  • Service and Support
    Multichannel Contact Center, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Voice of the Customer, Field Service, Social Service, Service Analytics, Knowledge Management

  • Integration and Management
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting & Financial Management, Integration Platforms, Cloud Services

  • Productivity
    Content Management, Web Conferencing, Enterprise Collaboration, Email & Calendar, Location Based Services, Business Process Management, Learning Management

  • Data and Analytics
    Data Enrichment, Business Intelligence, Analytics


A few recommended apps include:

Dun & Bradstreet for Sugar


IBM Customer Engagement Solution for Sugar


Silverpop Marketing Automation for Sugar



A few featured apps that integrate into Sugar 7 include:





Act-On Marketing Automation   



3CLogic Call Center 


Have a look at the new SugarExchange
and let us know your thoughts!


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Comparing Data, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support and Price of CRM

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 03:08 PM


Historically, Salesforce has been considered the #1 CRM system which gained popularity to its ease-of-use and vast functionality. While its good to be King, the competition has risen up to the dethrowning challenge and as a result, there are many new solutions improving the CRM space with the same or even better functionality at lower cost. SugarCRM does just that as outlined in this edition of the Thursday Throwdown.

SugarCRM v SalesForce

For more information on SugarCRM,
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FREE SugarCRM Training Webinars Available from SugarCRM University

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Wed, May 13, 2015 @ 11:21 AM
FREE SugarCRM Training Webinars Sugar CRM University

Did you know SugarCRM offers FREE training webinars?

SugarCRM University offers SugarCRM users many opportunities to engage live with an expert Sugar trainer via the online training courses every month. The classes cover various topics and fill up quickly so check them all out and sign up today!


Upcoming SugarCRM Training Webinars


Using Sugar Email

Learn configuration settings for inbound and outbound emails for users, groups, and campaigns. This session will also cover schedulers and the overall integration architecture.

SugarCRM (online)

Thursday, May 21st 2015 

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM 

SugarCRM Free Sugar University Training Course


Managing Users, Teams, and Roles

Learn best practices on how to manage teams and roles and configure your security parameters in Sugar 7.

SugarCRM (online)

Thursday, May 28th 2015

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

SugarCRM Free Sugar University Training Course 


Using Sugar Reports

Become a reporting expert and learn how to create reports using Sugar. All four report types will be reviewed and you will be given the opportunity to create reports in class.

SugarCRM (online)

Thursday, June 4th 2015

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

SugarCRM Free Sugar University Training Course  


How to Configure Advanced Workflow

This webinar reviews how to create process definitions, process business rules, process email templates, and how to manage running processes. Advanced Workflow is available in Sugar Enterprise and up.

SugarCRM (online)

Thu, Jun 25

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

SugarCRM Free Sugar University Training Course


If you'd like more information on SugarCRM
 or would prefer a more customized training session
from a Klear Systems consultant,
please contact us today!


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SugarCRM Aims to Enhance Mobile by Aquiring Assistant App Stitch

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 09:32 AM

SugarCRM recently announced in a press release it has acquired the intellectual property rights and other assets of Stitch, leading developer of productivity-enhancing personal assistant technologies for mobile users.

While SugarCRM enables businesses to build top-notch client relationships with the most innovative and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution available, Stitch has developed technologies that improve individual productivity which will enhance SugarCRM functionality even further.

SugarCRM CRM Mobile App Cloud Stitch

By making personalized recommendations to users based on integrated analysis of data in email, calendar and CRM systems, Stitch replicates the functions of a real-life personal assistant.  Stitch learns how people interact and tries to make timely and relevant suggestions through a mobile app that ultimately works to improve customer experiences.

Future releases of SugarCRM will be enhanced with Stitch capabilities, strengthening SugarCRM's leadership position in mobile innovation.  The merging of these two impressive forces also involves the addition of excellent mobile development talent from Stitch - the same team who won the $250,000 grand prize for a mobile app entered in the 2014 Salesforce Hackathon competition. The new hires should add a boost to SugarCRM, enambling them to rise up and lead in innovating the industry.

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin's excitement regarding the acquisition was obvious: “We’ve made Sugar an indispensable tool for customer-facing employees ... Sugar gives them the right information, when they need it, even before they ask. Incorporating Stitch will make Sugar an even smarter, better-informed customer relationship management system, and put information at mobile users’ fingertips no matter where they are.”

Stitch co-founder and head of product, Jason McDowall was also quoted stating his elation at the merge: “We’re proud of the work we’ve done, applying intelligence at the intersection of CRM, email and calendar data to make people more productive. We share the same vision as SugarCRM, and by combining our teams, we’re uniquely positioned to help shape the future of customer relationship management.”


“We’re very excited to be part of the SugarCRM family,” McDowall said.


We are too, Jason.

Welcome to the family!


For more information on SugarCRM, please contact us today!


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SugarCRM Named 2015 Product of the Year By CUSTOMER Magazine

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 @ 12:30 PM

Last month the global, integrated media company TMC named SugarCRM as a 2015 Product of the Year Award winner via their CUSTOMER Magazine publication. 

Customer Magazine SugarCRM Product of The Year CRM

The 2015 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award recognizes vendors that are advancing the Call Center, CRM and Teleservices industries one solution at a time. It is awarded to companies that offer superior software solutions to improve customer relationships and enable their clients to exceed the expectations of customers.

Software solutions are evaluated based on uniqueness and ability to problem-solve, as well as their market influence and impact on overall customer experience.

Because SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market, CUSTOMER Magazine chose award them 2015 Product of the Year to recognize them as a standout solution that redefines the CRM industry as a whole.

SugarCRM Product of the Year Customer Relationship Management Cloud

SugarCRM was chosen as a winner due to its ability to enable all customer-facing employees to make personal connections with every customer throughout the customer’s decision process which ultimately helps businesses grow sales, improve customer satisfaction, drive effective marketing campaigns and gain competitive advantage.

The more than 1.5 million people worldwide that rely on SugarCRM to revolutionize their customer relationships can attest to its business benefits and its deservedness of this award.

“Sugar has proven deserving of this
elite status and I look forward to
continued innovation from SugarCRM
in 2015 and beyond.”
- Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin was delighted to receiver such a high honor from TMC stating, "the Customer Magazine Product of the Year award is an important distinction, as it not only bolsters our reputation as pioneers in CRM, it also indicates that the industry is ready for a change.”

Klear Systems is proud to be a SugarCRM partner as it enables individuals at all levels of an organization to create extraordinary customer relationships and better understand and engage with customers while remaining an innovative and affordable CRM solution. We would be happy to showcase the numerous business benefits of utilizing this award-winning CRM software to any party interested. 

For more information about SugarCRM,
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Hate CRM? Its Time to Switch Your Sales Reps to Sugar!

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Oct 09, 2014 @ 02:32 PM

CRM Sales Tool SugarCRM Sage CRM Cloud CRM

Being a sales rep can be a difficult job. Oftentimes sales reps feel like they spend more of their time documenting actions than actually closing deals. That leaves sales managers complaining that they can’t get reps to report their activity or use a CRM system. Everyone knows that a CRM system is imperative in order to speak intelligently about your company’s sales and production as a whole. If you’re having a tough time understanding why reps don’t use the CRM you've provided, here are some good explanations.

There's too much reporting.
Sales reps spend an average of 90 minutes every day solely reporting their actions. From logging calls, to inputting notes, assigning tasks and adding new contacts because some CRM systems can be cumbersome. If your reps see logging their daily activities as meaningless busywork, they’ll never input all the data you want them to.  

Consider a CRM with simple reporting like SugarCRM.  SugarCRM is an affordable and easy to use platform, designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy.


They don’t understand the big CRM picture.
Many sales reps believe that sales managers only want them to enter data to show what they've actually done in a given day. While some managers might enjoy this micromanagement, the truth is that CRM data is necessary to better understand the numbers behind your sales team. If business leaders communicate the real need behind CRM - to measure conversions, track lead quality, discover cost per lead, etc - sales reps would be far more likely to use it.

SugarCRM drives sales force performance by allowing you to share sales data, build repeatable sales processes, reduce sales cycles by focusing on profitable deals, automate sales reporting and forecasting, and monitor business performance metrics.


The current CRM system doesn’t “talk” to marketing.
If a CRM could offer lead intelligence out of the gate and give marketing a better idea of which leads were good and which weren’t so good – sales reps would jump all over it.  Some CRM systems require the sales rep to do all the work – which can seem cumbersome to a sales personality that is driven for the bottom line and doesn’t like tedious tasks.

 allows full marketing automation closing the loop between marketing and sales. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and capture leads directly into Sugar with web-to-lead forms. Manage and assign leads to your sales reps and track the marketing ROI of your programs. 


The CRM doesn’t actually help them sell.
Too many CRM tools are strict about data entry. Sometimes the only way that you can run reports on anything is based on what information has been added to it by your sales team.

When you have a system like SugarCRM that not only fills out lead intelligence based on marketing efforts, but also gives you company intelligence like annual revenue, key contacts and more – it’s a no-brainer for sales reps to use.


They actually just don’t know how.
Lack of training is tied with lack of understanding as the main reasons that sales reps refuse to use CRM. If the learning curve is too great and they don’t feel that they have adequate support, you’ll have a tough time getting your reps to integrate it into their everyday activities.

Instead of just throwing your reps into a sub-par CRM, take the time to hold a training class with a Klear Systems consultant and establish processes for future hires that will help them use the tool most effectively for their purposes.


The traditionally CRM has been cumbersome and tedious. If there is one thing a hungry salesperson doesn't like, it’s being held accountable for boring tasks and being asked to do the same thing repeatedly throughout the day.

Sales reps like to be held accountable for results, not necessarily how they achieve them. By providing a supportive, easy-to-use CRM that gives reps intelligence on their leads like SugarCRM as well as proper training and a providing a purposeful action plan, your organization will be much more efficient and will become yet another SugarCRM success story.

For more information on SugarCRM,
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5 Ways SugarCRM Solves Business Challenges

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Wed, Aug 20, 2014 @ 01:21 PM

Every business runs on the fundamental ambition of delivering value to a customer by solving their specific problems.  Providing solutions to customers is one thing but keeping them happy, engaged for the long-term another beast entirely.  

In fact, it is actually significantly easier to have a current customer purchase additional goods/services from your business than it is to get a new customer in.  It is also significantly less expensive. With so many moving parts in a company, it is no obvious businesses run the risk of losing customers if any one department doesn't perform their best.  

SugarCRM Business Benefits Sales Team

This is where SugarCRM comes in! SugarCRM is a rock-solid Customer Relationship Management system that aims to integrate and unify your business processes to make sure your business is as customer-focused as possible.

Business Challenges without SugarCRM:


  • Lack of understanding of how marketing impacts sales
  • Poor visibility into business performance


  • Lead generation not building the pipeline
  • Right offers to the wrong customers
  • Mixed messages across multiple campaigns


  • Sales reps do not use the current system
  • Inability to accurately forecast business
  • Teams not working together


  • Sales reps call on upset customers
  • Long response times for service calls
  • Best customers receive same treatment as average customers


5 Ways SugarCRM Solves These Challenges:

  1. Automates Sales Force Processes (SFA).

  2. Drastically improves collaboration.

  3. Enables fantastic customer support and service.

  4. Automates marketing processes to save time.

  5. Keeps detailed reports that all stakeholders can share for better decision making.



SugarCRM aims to give your business a strategic approach to marketing with an emphasis on smart work, well-rounded collaboration, automation of processes (including marketing and customer management) and allows you to standardize your business process to a great extent. SugarCRM also gives you measurable business goals and aligns with IT. 

Call it business intelligence any where, anytime.

For more information or a demo of SugarCRM, please contact us!


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Start-up to Stardom: 5 Reasons Success Means You NEED CRM

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Jun 17, 2014 @ 12:17 PM

CRM Customer Relationship Management SugarCRM Sage CRMKevin Stirtz once said "Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet." This concept comes fairly easy when a business is new and there are only a few customers to cater to. Keeping up with the details of every prospect and every customer comes easy in the beginning. You know customers by name, remember what products they have purchased or may want to, remember every promise made and confidently produce reliable and friendly service.

However, as the business grows, relating personally to each and every prospect and customer becomes a challenge. There are many more details to keep track of and simply managing a team of employees and processing the day-to-day operations of a busy company take precious time away from what you should be doing: engaging your customers aiming to better understand how you can meet their needs best.

When your business takes a formal approach to CRM, the focus returns to the customer and benefits your operation as a whole in 5 important ways: 

1) CRM stores customers data in one central place.
With one well-organized database containing the customer’s name, address, contact details, marketing preferences, marketing history, purchase and customer issue history there is a much better chance of records being accurate and up to date. 

2) CRM facilitates collaboration.
Different members of your team can share and assign information. You can opt to “follow” key accounts or deals and stay up to date with what is happening on them. You can share key documents – such as the proposal or contract.

3) CRM brings effiecncy.
Implimenting end-to-end process becomes a breeze, aligning marketing, sales and customer service. The positive results of marketing are floated to the sales team, who are able to maximize every opportunity by coordinating and collaborating on the best approach to each deal. Once the deal is closed, CRM enables prioritizing and tracking of fulfilment and service needs. Regular tasks like customer communication can be automated, scheduled and assigned and stay organized.

4) CRM allows you to report, measure, track and forecast.
CRM gives valuable insight to your company's customer base enabling the ability to identify customer traits, trends and cross-selling opportunities. CRM allows measuring of the value of the clients by sector or by product, see which marketing streams provide the greatest return, compare performance of different team members. Dashboard metrics pull the information together for you. Meetings are shorter, take less preparation and are more productive.

5) CRM enables freedom. 
Any user can do any and all of the tasks above anywhere: in the office, on the road, or even when working from home.  The Internet and CRM bring your business and your team new power to connect beyond the office.

It is perfectly normal that as a business grows, the team’s capacity to manage the number of clients and the number of conflicting tasks brings to break down. Hiring more people or just better people and then sending them on time management and sales effectiveness training will have limited impact unless you also give them tools and processes which are designed to scale to this kind of volume.

Let us help you realize what CRM software
like SugarCRM or Sage CRM can
do for your business.

Contact us TODAY!

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Organize, Integrate and Empower Your Organization with SugarCRM

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Wed, Jun 04, 2014 @ 02:26 PM

SugarCRM empowers organizations with an open, flexible platform that easily meets the needs of real business issues. From automating sales, marketing and customer support to creating a custom CRM application, SugarCRM is everything your team has been waiting for.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have historically focused on the business benefits that can be measured, such as increased revenue and more efficient call handling. Contrary to this, consumer demands are now requiring more of complex, personalized interaction that gives them the information they seek. Clients and prospects that require assistance from an organization are looking to have their unique needs addressed, rather than to be treated as just another customer.

Businesses often center most of their attention on how technology can be used to boost the bottom line and create more opportunities for revenue intake. However, CRM solutions of the past are no longer going to cut it with new demands from consumers looking to receive an engaging experience and employees who need capable tools.

SugarCRM has an array of solutions with revolutionary collaboration capabilities as well as a user-centric, intelligent design. This added functionality has redefined what CRM should offer and how staff interact with their resources.  These features reinforce the efforts of oragnizations for a more efficient workforce, along with providing the opportunity to considerably improve customer communication.


More SugarCRM benefits:

  • Rich functionality for establishing and sustaining customer relationships.
  • Marketing and campaign management automation.
  • No license fee.
  • Open source allows for unlimited software modification.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Undemanding hardware requirements.
  • Update to the newest version without additional cost.
  • SugarCRM develops the software permanently and corrects errors.
  • Free additional plug-in extensions. 
  • Scalability - never lose efficiency, even when your organization grows.
  • Easy and intuitive graphic interface and access by website browser without any need of installing additional software. 
  • Easy data import and export from and to other systems. 
  • Compatibility with the most famous used systems like Linux or Windows. 
  • Extensive interface customization. 
To learn more about the benefits of SugarCRM please contact us today!


I Want to Learn More!


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Attend SugarCon 2014 for the latest from SugarCRM

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 12:11 PM
SugarCRM SugarCon 2014 SugarCRM Reseller Cloud CRM Southern California Irvine

Klear Systems recently established a partnership with SugarCRM and could not be more excited to attend SugarCon 2014 later this month in exciting San Francisco, CA.

SugarCon 2014 has a lot to offer including networking with industry experts, interactive panel sessions, case study presentations, and live, hands-on training.

It will be a great opportunity for customers to not only learn the new interface, but to aslwill also get the first look at the product roadmap and what’s to come in future releases.



A number of insightful sessions will be held on Tuesday, April 29th & Wednesday April 30th.
These sessions will be filled with a variety of topics to establish the best practices for both Sugar end-users and administrators. 

Thursday, May 1st will be a training day dedicated to the most-wanted training topics determined by Sugar users.

 SugarCRM SugarCon 2014 Customer Session Agenda Cloud CRM


Klear Systems recommends the following SugarCon 2014 sessions:

Tuesday, April 29 & Wednesday, April 30
Discover - Becoming a Sugar Power User

Adopting Sugar 7
Looking into upgrading to Sugar 7 in the future? This session is for you. You'll see what’s new in Sugar 7 release to prepare you and your team to make a smooth transition and get the most out of your upgrade.

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Sugar 7
Sugar is one of the most used CRM applications on the planet. The application has spawned countless books, web sites, blog posts and tweets about interesting things one can do with the platform. This session will uncover some of the coolest things you didn’t know you could do with Sugar.

Sugar Importing Basics
One of the first challenges in implementing Sugar is migrating your existing information for use in Sugar. This session highlights best practices that you can use to quickly get your existing data where it belongs – in Sugar! Learn how you can quickstart your Sugar implementation by importing data from other CRM applications, Outlook, Google Contacts, or any program that can save data in a CSV (comma-separated values) format. Clean data in Sugar becomes valuable information for your business.

“No Code Required” Configurations
This session showcases some of our favorite configurations for Sugar administrators. You will learn key configurations in Studio and Workflow that can be applied to real world scenarios in your implementation.

Getting Started with Reporting
As a newer Sugar user, one of the most critical features you’ll use everyday is Reports. We will provide you with basic information about the Reports Module, show you how to get started using Reports, and update you on enhancements we’re planning for future releases of Sugar.


Thursday, May 1
Customer Training Day

End User Getting Started
Get started by understanding end user features and functionality. You will learn Sugar best practices and how to enjoy the features most commonly used by SugarCRM end-users.
Best Suited Audience: End-Users

Creating Reports
Learn how to create expert reports using Sugar. Reviews of all major report types will be covered and you will be given the opportunity to create your own reports in class.
Best Suited Audience: Adminstrators or End-Users.

Working in Studio
Learn how to create new fields (including calculated and dependent value fields), re-label existing fields, add-to and remove fields from page layouts, and create new module relationships.
Best Suited Audience: Adminstrators

Building Workflows
Learn how to create workflows that streamline your business processes using on pre-defined triggers to generate automated actions and alerts.
Best Suited Audience: Adminstrators



In addition to hands-on training and the array of other highly beneficial sesions, SugarCon is a great event for customers to meet with members of our team to discuss projects or simply enjoy the beautiful city of San Francisco with us!

We hope to see you there!

For more information about SugarCon 2014, click here.

For the full SugarCon 2014 agenda, click here

To register for SugarCon 2014, click here.



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