Sage 100c Subscription Model Inspires Scanco Warehouse 100c

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Mar 22, 2016 @ 01:31 PM


Scanco Warehouse 100c brings Sage 100c users
all the trusted features of Scanco Warehouse
at an affordable monthly subscription price.

Scanco Warehouse 100c
Scanco Warehouse 100c will change the way your business uses Sage 100c forever.

Inspired by more than 26 years of expertise in barcoding automation, Scanco Warehouse 100c is a subscription based solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage 100c.

With this unique integration to Sage 100c that only Scanco can offer, Scanco Warehouse 100c allows businesses to manage the warehouse in the cloud on iOS, Android, and Windows to provide customers with accurate levels of inventory as well as decrease ship time and input errors.

Automate your warehouse with the latest in technology and cloud reliability from the leaders in Warehouse Management Systems. 

Scanco Warehouse 100c Features

  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Seamless integration to Sage 100c
  • Mix and Match Hardware options
  • Cloud configurations
  • Barcode Scanning attachments for iOS & Android
  • Automatic Updates
  • 100% Real Time - Never “Sync” again!
  • Manage users in the Cloud
  • Installed in minutes

Scanco Warehouse 100c Transactions

  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Inventory Receipts
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Bin Transfers
  • Physical Count
  • Item Inquiry
  • Alias Item Entry
  • Select or Create Batches
  • Multiple Users can Pick & Ship same orders
  • Multiple Users Receive same P.O.
  • Directed Picking & Shipping
  • Wave Picking & Shipping


Scanco Warehouse 100c is ONLY available for Sage 100c

Scanco has been providing top tier barcoding applications to businesses since 1989 meeting the needs of thousands of distribution and manufacturing operations with an extensive line of warehouse management solutions designed to integrate with Sage ERP Solutions. 

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Scanco Service App for Sage 100 ERP: 4 Benefits of Automating Field Service

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Fri, Oct 16, 2015 @ 01:27 PM

Scanco Service for Sage 100

In addition to automating inventory tracking on trucks, mobile field service applications like the Scanco Field Service app for Sage 100, can help companies manage an entire field service operation from the palm of a hand.

Scanco Service is designed to help organizations achieve full field service automation, making both field workers and service technicians more efficient and more productive.

With the capability to perform truck counts and item inquiries as well as track jobs and drivers using GPS, mobile field service management solutions like Scanco Service can provide companies with everything they need to maintain a well-run service operation.

By having direct access to work orders, customer data and parts inventory from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, field service workers have the tools they need to get more done daily.

Here are four benefits of using mobile field service applications to achieve full automation:

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction
    When a field worker or service technician has full access to a customer’s complete service history and information, the opportunity to make valuable service suggestions presents itself alongside the ability to get the job done faster.
    This is a win-win for all parties.
    The customer receives personalized service while the service technician presents a proactive and professional demeanor, resulting in a positive customer experience and company image.

  2. Interactive Scheduling Capabilities
    Managing field service schedules can get complicated.
    With a mobile field service app like Scanco Service, back-office dispatchers have full access to each service technician’s schedule enabling adjustments and assignment of jobs as needed.
    This allows all parties to react quickly to changing schedules without the need to pick up the phone or come back into the office to check service boards. Every new job or existing job can be updated on the fly and communicated to service technicians directly on their mobile device.

  3. Faster Payment Collection
    Like mobile sales solutions, mobile field service solutions have the capability to collect payment out in the field.
    With mobile field service apps like Scanco Service, technicians have the ability to quote, invoice and accept payment for any work completed.
    Because the solution is integrated with the organization's Sage 100 ERP system, the entire transaction is updated instantly in the accounting module, eliminating the need to shuffle paperwork back and forth and engage in time-wasting data entry. With mobile field service, transactions occur in real-time allowing companies to receive payment faster.

  4. Guaranteed Accuracy
    In the field of customer service, accuracy is key.
    Customers want to know when the technician will arrive at their location, what they did, how much they will be charged and when the technician will be back to service the product.
    With Scanco Service, technicians can answer all of these questions confidently and accurately.
    Whether providing a quote, performing the job or accepting payment, technicians can give customers precisely accurate information while building a relationship of trust.


Could your field service operation use some automation?


Contact us today to learn how Scanco Service for Sage 100
can provide your company with the tools 
to better serve customers and better equip technicians.


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SugarCRM Super Charge w/ App Integrations from SugarExchange

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Aug 18, 2015 @ 04:00 PM

Is your SugarCRM as powerful as it could be? Probably not if you haven't been over to the recently remodeled SugarExchange web store, exclusively for users of their Sugar Commercial Editions.

The newly refreshed Sugar Exchange offers a broad spectrum of third party applications and integration software to extend Sugar deployments.

It now has a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that can be likened to the Apple App Store:


To create a SugarExchange account click the “Log In” link in the upper right hand corner of the SugarExchange homepage and either:

  1. Sign in to your SugarCRM website account (this is separate from your Sugar Instance account)


  2. Create a SugarCRM account that will allow you to manage your SugarCRM subscription and access community resources

The new SugarExchange includes a wide variety of applications and integration software products that have been developed by SugarCRM partners to extend the reach and functionality of Sugar CRM software.

SugarExchange is built on the AppDirect technology platform, which is a recognized leader in cloud service commerce and SugarCRM has developed a rich set of APIs that enable partners and customers to achieve deep integration with Sugar, and to build a broad range of applications and solutions that leverage its features. 

Furthermore, because SugarCRM offers developers access to its source code, app architects are empowered with a level of flexibility and depth of integration that has allowed for a rich array of solutions for Sugar. 

Combined with solutions from Sugar Technology Partners, SugarCRM functions as the central hub for customer data across a vast array of applications and business processes, including:

  • Marketing
    Campaign Management, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Management, Data Enrichment

  • Sales
    Performance Management, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Proposal and Contract Management, eCommerce, Relationship Intelligence, Analytics, Social Sales, Content Enablement, Partner Enablement

  • Service and Support
    Multichannel Contact Center, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Voice of the Customer, Field Service, Social Service, Service Analytics, Knowledge Management

  • Integration and Management
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting & Financial Management, Integration Platforms, Cloud Services

  • Productivity
    Content Management, Web Conferencing, Enterprise Collaboration, Email & Calendar, Location Based Services, Business Process Management, Learning Management

  • Data and Analytics
    Data Enrichment, Business Intelligence, Analytics


A few recommended apps include:

Dun & Bradstreet for Sugar


IBM Customer Engagement Solution for Sugar


Silverpop Marketing Automation for Sugar



A few featured apps that integrate into Sugar 7 include:





Act-On Marketing Automation   



3CLogic Call Center 


Have a look at the new SugarExchange
and let us know your thoughts!


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Sage Summit 2015 - There's an App for That!

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 11:38 AM

Download the Sage Summit 2015 mobile app to your phone or tablet before you go to find attendees, access and edit your personal agenda, participate in games, browse sponsors, check out promotional offers, and more. Below we will outline the process how to get your hands on it and a few features we love.

  1. Search "Sage Summit 2015" in App Store and download

    The inclusion of "2015" in your search is important as there is a 2013 version still floating around in the app store.  

    Find direct links to the Sage Summit App in each app store below:

    Sage Summit 2015 for iPhone
    Sage Summit 2015 for Android

    If you prefer to do it yourself, your search and download screens should look as follows:

    image2    image3

  2. Sign in using the SAME email address you registered with for Sage Summit 2015

    For this example we will use my email. The default password is "Sage2015" upon first sign in. The blue check mark will appear if your email address is correctly registered as a Sage Summit attendee and clicking it will take you to the event you are registered for - SAGE SUMMIT 2015!
    image6    image7

  3. Set up your profile and preferences

    Once signed in, you are prompted to allow Sage Summit to send you notifications as well as add a photo and connect your social accounts. We recommend completing your entire profile so your face, name and company are connected all in the name of networking fun! Allowing notification is also useful so you can keep up with all that is going on in real-time.

    image8    image10

  4. See Homepage for How-to Instructions, Poll & User Wall Posts

    Once the user profile is complete, a prompt to allow locations services presents itself.  This feature is to keep users in the know will see usage instructions at the top as well as a fun poll and the public wall postings from other users updated in real time. 

    image12    image13

  5. Explore your personal agenda, full session catalog, speakers and more!

    The list icon in the upper left hand corner of the main page will bring you a fantastic navigation menu listing all the man app features available as well as notifications from app activity you follow. The agenda section is my favorite because it is organized by date and features both my agenda and the main agenda complete with time and location.

    image18    image19

  6. Post your excitement!

    The pencil & square icon at the top right allows users to post to the main wall where other users can see and interact with the post. Post photos, status updates or any of the list of associations - a fantastic feature!  

    image15    image16

  7. Check back for more!

    New people to connect to. New posts to interact with. New badges to obtain. The beauty of a mobile app is the constant change. There will likely be new updates and new content to engage with every couple minutes or so! Checking back often, posting photos and/or checking into events and activities will present the best opportunities for meaningful connections and fun.

    image17    IMG_5001


There’s so much to do at Sage Summit
so this app will be incredibly helpful for
staying organized and not missing a thing!


Download it today!
Sage Summit 2015 for iPhone
Sage Summit 2015 for Android

Not signed up for Sage Summit yet?
There's still time!
Contact us today for a special discount code!

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Comparing Data, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support and Price of CRM

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 03:08 PM


Historically, Salesforce has been considered the #1 CRM system which gained popularity to its ease-of-use and vast functionality. While its good to be King, the competition has risen up to the dethrowning challenge and as a result, there are many new solutions improving the CRM space with the same or even better functionality at lower cost. SugarCRM does just that as outlined in this edition of the Thursday Throwdown.

SugarCRM v SalesForce

For more information on SugarCRM,
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Scanco Enterprise: Cloud Supply Chain Warehouse Management Software

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Jun 11, 2015 @ 07:24 AM

Business leaders in all industries know an organization's success depends on having an intelligent warehouse. Without the proper Warehouse Management System (WMS), a mid-sized to large distribution center can suffer from inefficiencies and unrealized productivity. 

SCANCO ENTERPRISE is the most advanced product from Scanco. It will completely change the way the warehouse and the operations team function forever with a seamless ERP integration that only Scanco can offer and instant, real-time communication.


With instant communication, not only to the ERP but the team as well, the need to simplify, streamline and automate every aspect of inventory presents itself.  Additionally, Scanco Enterprise Apps are not just for Windows any more. The cloud-based, technologically advanced software of Scanco Enterprise erases all limitations and will run on IOS, Android and Windows.

Never again lose track of an order with a real-time dashboard designed specifically for the warehouse management team. Instantly see where orders are, stock levels and even notify the team directly to their device when a rush order arrives.

Scanco Enterprise Warehouse Management System Shipping Scanners

Get enterprise-level data anytime by generating reports on history or real time transactions. Instant messaging and group messaging allows the team to be in constant contact so orders can be assigned to users directly, connecting the team and making shipping more efficient than ever before. 

With Advanced Shipping from Scanco Enterprise, waves and directed picking will allow the warehouse team to pick multiple or single orders with one pick list and even guide the users on the shortest path through the warehouse.

Directed Shipping enables the team to skip picking altogether and invoice the customer while showing the best way to ship the orders.  Then, Advanced Shipping from Scanco Enterprise will have you shipping orders cheaper, faster and more accurate than you ever thought possible. 

Scanco Enterprise includes everything essential in Scanco Warehouse Plus:

  • RMA
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Advanced Shipping
  • Notifications
  • Warehouse Reporting
  • Bill of Materials
  • Auto Update
  • License Plating/Pallet Tracking with ACSG Multi-bin
  • Pack list Printing
  • Dashboard


Scanco Enterprise will turns warehouses into efficient, controlled, well managed machines.  It is an advanced solution designed specifically for advanced warehouse needs. By combining the best in automation technology, Scanco has designed a suite of functionality that can be put to the test.  

As new technologies and warehouse management solutions continue to pour into the market, it can become easy for a business to become complacent.  The idea of relearning a new system or changing the way a warehouse has always performed a certain task can be daunting but there a business can't just let the possibility of increased efficiency pass them by.


We would love to speak with you about how Klear Systems and Scanco can help benefit your organization.


For more information on Scanco Enterprise or
Supply Chain Warehouse Management Software

Give us a call at (949) 681-8135,
email us at
or complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you.


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Sage CRM Version 7.3 is here w/ New Features, Insights and Style!

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 01:42 PM

Sage CRM recently released Version 7.3 as an update to their insightful and compelling CRM solution for small and medium sized organizations looking to accelerate sales performance and drive sales productivity.

With a suite of new Business Accelerators for Sales, added business insights, a contemporary user experience and an enhanced mobile and email marketing solution, Sage CRM version 7.3 addresses the key business challenges faced by busy sales organizations every day.



New Features

  • Added business insight to optimize the sales team and drive sales productivity.
  • A new suite of Business Accelerators for Sales to access a range of preconfigured alerts and notifications.
  • New out-of-the-box sales workflows.
  • New sales dashboards that display a range of reports & charts for better insight and trend analysis.
  • New KPI charts for greater sales performance analysis.
  • The ability to email PDF Quotes and Orders with just one click for rapid sales follow up. 


New Look

Along with the above features, Sage CRM version 7.3 comes with a fresh, new contemporary look and feel with a new navigation that delivers an enhanced user experience.  The new UI theme is simple and easy to use, making navigating Sage CRM more intuitive than ever before.


Optimized Mobile

Sage CRM 7.3 offers an optimized mobile experience that has been updated to include all modern devices enabling users to stay in touch with key CRM information anywhere, any time. 

Sage CRM 7.3 Mobile UI Update

An updated Sage CRM app for both iPhone and Android allows users to accomplish more with a range of added features and a brand new look and feel so sales teams can keep on top of sales activities when on the road.


Email Marketing with MailChimp

Sage CRM 7.3 Mail Chimp Integration MarketingSage CRM 7.3 offers customers more choice to meet their email marketing needs.

Using the new Sage CRM MailChimp integration allows businesses to easily create, send and track targeted email marketing campaigns.


We are very excited about the new look
and even more thrilled with the new features!

Well done, Sage! 


For more information on Sage CRM v 7.3,
Please see the PDF Spec Sheet
and Contact Us Today!


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Acumatica Developer Webinar: Modernizing Your App for the Cloud

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Fri, May 08, 2015 @ 12:35 PM

Acumatica Cloud ERP Modern Web Mobile Developer


According to industry analysts, majority of new applications are being developed for the cloud. As a developer, this should both excite and alarm you.
Ask yourself the following: 

  • Is your application one of them? 
  • How about your competitors? 
  • Do you have a legacy application and looking to modernize it? 

Customers are increasingly looking for solutions with the flexibility to host in the cloud or on premises and to get first class experience across device form factors. Acumatica recognizes this and leads by example, of course.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Head of Cloud xRP Division at Acumatica offers insight in this recorded webinar discussing the key factors to consider in modernizing business applications and options available for ISVs to accelerate and get to market faster.

Topics Covered: 
• Why cloud ready, mobile ready applications are critical for ISVs?
• Key considerations to get your application ready

If you missed the live webinar April 15th 2015, you're in luck as the recording is still available here AND you have until Sunday May 10th 2015 to watch it and as a result be entered to win $500 in AWS credits!

The winning names will be drawn on Monday, May 11th 2015.

If you'd like more information on Acumatica
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Enterprise Mobility: Shifting into High Gear as Hottest ERP Trend

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Thu, Mar 26, 2015 @ 01:15 PM
Enterprise Mobile ERP Applications Increase Productivity

What is Enterprise Mobility?
Enterprise mobility is a term that describes a shift in business practices allowing employees to conduct business out of the office by using mobile devices and cloud services to perform daily business tasks.  With the vast majority of the general population already smartphone and tablet owners, the shift to conducting business on the go, anywhere, any time via mobile apps is kicking into high gear! 

Advantages of Enterprise Mobility
Mobilizing the ERP or other business management solution of an organization has the power to completely change the way business is done.  Improvements in employee efficiency, increased speed in executive decision-making and better tracking of projects and tasks are just a few of the obvious benefits.

More advantages include:

  • Increased productivity as employees can input and send data anywhere, any time
  • Increased speed of information shared by employees
  • Reduction of paperwork traditionally created by employees on inspection and construction sites– data becomes more accurate and accessible
  • Easy and quick access to sales force data when on the road
  • Faster access to important information for better decision-making (essential for owners, executives and managers)
  • Real-time data recording to improve quality and reduce errors
  • Improved customer service and response times, which leads to increased customer satisfaction
  • More accurate billing and record keeping
  • Higher job completion rates
  • Competitive Advantage


Online vs. Offline Apps for Enterprise Mobility
Mobile business applications for both ERP & CRM come in two forms: Online or Offline.

Online applications utilize a set of software programs deployed on a mobile device that connects to an enterprise system through Internet connectivity. This app depends 100% on the availability of the Internet, in order to send and receive real-time data to and from the main database.

Offline applications involve a set of software programs deployed on a mobile device without the need for Internet connectivity. Storing real-time data is possible with an offline app as once there Internet connectivity returns, that data will automatically be sent to the main database.


Is Enterprise Mobilty really worth it?
Most business executives are initially hesitant and unconvinced about adopting a mobile business application for their enterprise but it is important to realize that this shift in business practices is, in fact, the next step forward.  With the new capabilities of the Acumatica Cloud ERP App and the SugarCRM integrations, mobility truly is kicking into high gear and those who attempt to ignore it will be left behind.  

In summary, Klear Systems sees the current market climate as follows:

  1. Customers expect better and faster service.
  2. Executives expect less errors and increased productivity.
  3. Employees expect mobility with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

Enterprise Mobility is the solution to all three. 

For more information on
Enterprise Mobility or Cloud Computing
Please contact us today! 

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SugarCRM Aims to Enhance Mobile by Aquiring Assistant App Stitch

Posted by Kimberly Tucker on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 09:32 AM

SugarCRM recently announced in a press release it has acquired the intellectual property rights and other assets of Stitch, leading developer of productivity-enhancing personal assistant technologies for mobile users.

While SugarCRM enables businesses to build top-notch client relationships with the most innovative and affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution available, Stitch has developed technologies that improve individual productivity which will enhance SugarCRM functionality even further.

SugarCRM CRM Mobile App Cloud Stitch

By making personalized recommendations to users based on integrated analysis of data in email, calendar and CRM systems, Stitch replicates the functions of a real-life personal assistant.  Stitch learns how people interact and tries to make timely and relevant suggestions through a mobile app that ultimately works to improve customer experiences.

Future releases of SugarCRM will be enhanced with Stitch capabilities, strengthening SugarCRM's leadership position in mobile innovation.  The merging of these two impressive forces also involves the addition of excellent mobile development talent from Stitch - the same team who won the $250,000 grand prize for a mobile app entered in the 2014 Salesforce Hackathon competition. The new hires should add a boost to SugarCRM, enambling them to rise up and lead in innovating the industry.

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin's excitement regarding the acquisition was obvious: “We’ve made Sugar an indispensable tool for customer-facing employees ... Sugar gives them the right information, when they need it, even before they ask. Incorporating Stitch will make Sugar an even smarter, better-informed customer relationship management system, and put information at mobile users’ fingertips no matter where they are.”

Stitch co-founder and head of product, Jason McDowall was also quoted stating his elation at the merge: “We’re proud of the work we’ve done, applying intelligence at the intersection of CRM, email and calendar data to make people more productive. We share the same vision as SugarCRM, and by combining our teams, we’re uniquely positioned to help shape the future of customer relationship management.”


“We’re very excited to be part of the SugarCRM family,” McDowall said.


We are too, Jason.

Welcome to the family!


For more information on SugarCRM, please contact us today!


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